Mar 5, 2012

Random Monday.....

I haven't been taking any new pictures from around the house. I haven't made any new decorating changes in a while. Until I come up with something new to share with you all...I am going back to my picasa files and sharing some past pictures with you. I hope you don't get bored with I promise I will have some fresh photos very soon. Its so hard to stay indoors when new life is bursting on the outside,we have been having some beautiful weather...full of sunshine and birdsong. Makes you want to get out in the dirt and On another son is still with us...its a long story! I will give you an update on that situation when I have one. When a mother prays for God's will for her just never knows what detours come about. Father truly knows best!

Kinda wish I would have kept these around. They flew the coop,so to speak.
Snack time.
I made the pillows..still have the Raggedies.
My daughter's collection.
These cuties are still with me.
Now,why wouldn't a person want to keep these? Well,I do still have the cup.
Ruby..still have her. Who could say bye to that sweet face?
Easter 2008
Easter 2008
Looking out a friends window.



Faye Henry said...

I love looking out your window and that doll and those red dishes are lovely..
God bless..

annie said...

I agree with Faye. I was going to mention the same things! Just lovely!

Kathy said...

Just to say the iron bed reminds me of my childhood, we had beds like that, wish I could "go home" just for a day!