Apr 9, 2012

A Blessed Review.....

Instead of sheep......
This past week was wonderful..full and busy. Spending time with family,staying at my parents for a couple of days,seeing family members I hadn't seen in a very long time. Even some little ones I had never met before,(great nieces and nephews).
Then,yesterday,Easter Sunday,was lovely....two church services and family time in between.
 My children,grandchildren and I decided we would just go out for dinner and then to the park for the kids Easter egg hunt. There were only three grands hunting eggs this year. My  little ones are growing up to fast. I so wish Vivian and Colton could have been here with us.....the day would have almost been perfect if they had been.
I realize how very blessed I am and I thank God for my blessings....he is a very good God indeed.
Even with all lives frustration ...we can have such a surreal peace within our heart,when we trust our Heavenly Father with all of our daily cares and woes. He is a God who never fails...............

We celebrated a couple of birthdays this past week as well. My dear daddy turn 82 on the 7th and my sweet daughter Regina had a birthday yesterday...she is now 37!

I can't tell you how good it did my heart while sitting on my parents porch watching my daddy ride his bike up and down the little country road in front of their home on his 82nd birthday. He has the most determination of anyone I have ever met.

Isn't my cowgirl pretty? I think so....smile. She was treated to a day at the Beauty Shop and out to eat for her birthday.

Now,I am settling back into my routine here at  home. I am on a huge weeding quest again! Our ladies group at church is having a rummage sale for missions in May. I am going to be donating a lot. My sweet friend Betty and her daughter came last Wednesday and help me sort through so much stuff...there is still more to sort.....I am cleaning house...smile. And it all goes for a very good cause. Needs will be met with the  money. Needs in the way of food,water,clothing,bibles,etc. The bare necessities of life.
When we consider people in the world doing without even those things that sustain life...STUFF has so much less significance!

Just some of what I have gathered together thus far.

Praying your week is wonderfully blessed,Shelley


Faye Henry said...

You have had such busy but lovely days, Shelley..
Your daughter is lovely and such a blessing is your Dad.. Oh my...
God bless..

Peggy said...

How wonderful to have your parents still with you! Sounds like you've been very busy making those precious memories. Have a great week.

Amrita said...

Happy birthday to Daddy and Regina. Lovely rich blog you have Shelly