Apr 11, 2012

God is our refuge and strength....a very present help!

He is 19 now,away in San Diego at Boot Camp for the U.S. Marines! I got my first letter from him and cried. My heart broke to read that he had been very sick,but thrilled to read that he was attending Sunday Services and they were keeping him going through each week. He is a strong young man,God is with him and he will endure the task before him.
My heart is very heavy this morning for a family associated with our church. Their son took his own life yesterday,he too was 19 years old. What must these parents and other family members be going through,what overwhelming grief and agony most be tearing at their hearts this morning....I cannot even imagine!
May God and his loving mercy cover them and carry them through this most difficult time in their lives. May his Holy Spirit bring peace and comfort to their souls.May they reach out to him and receive strength from all his resources....he knows better than anyone what it is to have a son died in agony. His heart too was grieved when he gave his only begotten.

Psalms 46:1 God is our refuge and strength,a very present help in time of trouble.

What do those that don't have his ever present help do in their times of trouble? I do not understand how they manage life at all. Had it not been for God...I would be a woman most miserable in this life! My life has had much suffering but,I haven't had to endure the loss of a child or grandchild...my heart goes out to all those who have...God grant them mercy...Amen.


Peggy said...

Oh Shelley, how sad for this family who has lost their precious son. I have prayed for them and for your own precious one as he adjusts to this new phase of his life. I too often wonder how people manage without the hope and help of our loving God. Life is so hard as it is.

Denise said...

Shelley,I lift them up in prayer now.The heartbreak must be horrible.May God be glorified some how in all this.I love all your beautiful post Shelly,on fb too,Your sister in Christ -Denise

Jacqueline said...

Never, never give up, I think it was Winston Churchill that said that!

What a difficult time for that family! My goodness, this happened to my friends sister, her son took his life on Mother's Day. It has been a very hard journey for her.

Keeping JW in my prayers. Oh, this whole experience will turn him into such a good man, his life will be forever changed and I'm proud of him for what his choice was, to serve our country.

I'm home tonight from a busy day at work, the store is picking up a little but regardless, I'm finding God's peace in the midst of the big question mark as to will it survive or not? One day at a time, one prayer at a time.

I have no idea where my blog went and I do like Google Chrome, just need to figure it out now.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with the family that lost their son... Holding them in the Light...

And Holding your son in the Light of prayer, too! Blessings upon him and you, too!


Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

It always makes me so sad when I hear of a tragedy such as this. So young to give up on life.

I think your son will make it through his basic training with flying colors. Is he stationed in Oceanside? Not too many miles from me. I'm sorry he has been sick, and hope all is going better for him by now.