Apr 21, 2012

More Mall pictures and my special something!

Just a few more pictures to share form our trip to the Antique Mall....you can visit here to see their site.

Old primitive doll quilt.
Vintage baby shoes.
Sheep...I love this picture!

I have a few of these shadow boxes...I may fix myself one of these.

Old wagon full of teddys.

Since I have been so very good about ridding myself of STUFF over the past year....I find it very OK to bring home something every now and then that captures my heart while I am out and about! I will always find joy in prowling around in thrift stores,flea markets,antique malls and the like. It happens to be one of my favorite pastimes. I will continue to weed my home of possessions until I am very comfortable with what I do possess. Truly it is an ongoing process...if you bring one thing into the home...two things need to go out. That is how it works for me anyway and since I have shed my home of over a hundred items or more....I have peace in finding a few "new" old treasures from time to time to bring home...smile. All that being said...I spotted this sweet porcelain baby doll at Salvation Army when Betty and I were out and about on Thursday. I sometimes put things in my buggy and walk around in the store with them,trying to decide if I really need them or if I have the place to put them. Another strategy of mine for not bringing unwanted or unneeded things into my home! More times than not,I put back way more than I decide to buy. I knew when I placed this sweet doll in my cart,she would be staying! Now to think of a name for her.

I hope your weekend is lovely..We woke up to cooler temps...I like! Blessings


Denise said...

She was sitting there waiting for you.She is perfect for you to enjoy.I can relate to not wanting to bring too much home and I do exactly the same.Put them in My cart until right before the cash register.One other way that's new to Me that works so well is to bring my camera and just photo stuff I love.Just like you did.Perfect!

JBR said...

Shelley thank you for sharing this post. Hugs.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

What a lovely blog!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You always find the most wonderful treasures! We would have such fun playing with dollies together! I love this one...she is special!

Anonymous said...

What a Sweet Dolly! Maybe her name should reflect the season... Spring or Tulip? You will have fun decovering what her "real" name is! Loved all the photos.

Blessings on you Sunday!



Jacqueline said...

Have you been on the hunt again for doll babies? You can never have enough, I think it's cute how you keep letting go and bringing it back, a true thrifter!

I personally try to self medicate when things get tough, I go thrifting and I do the same thing as you, I load the cart and then pick and choose but now I have a better system.

If Len or someone is with me, he gets to pick and choose what I bring home and it works fine because in the end, I rarely have a plan on what to buy but rather impluse but thinking for sure I need it and then I feel guilty when I bring it home. For me, I'm a classic overspender and it's an addiction that I've had a battle with for years.

But I do think your quest for a baby doll or two and then letting go of more is a good idea. I have a very hard time letting go of my toys. I've done crazy things like buy two of the same thing and then I justify I can let one go...yikes...

confession time...

Love you, off to Kara's shower. I mailed you a letter, will arrive this week I'm sure.