Jul 20, 2012

Simply said......

My home

Live Simply..screams at me...within my spirit! Put away from thyself..I hear that small still voice say. I am striving to clean house within...(myself)...,I am cleaning house without as well. That which I possess,which sometimes tries to possess me. I don't understand the need fully,but I know it is a good thing. I refer to it as weeding.....I know when it began....I do not know when it will end or if it will end. It may be something I will need to do from now on. As I said before,I find it OK to bring some things home from time to time,as long as some things continue to go out. The things that I bring home better fit my present need...the things that go out have served their purpose in my home...time to pass them on. I have not done much more to my bedroom,the overhaul I mentioned a week or more ago! It still waits for me to be in that mood again...to find that strength to move forward with my task at hand,and I shall! What is a bit puzzling to me is the fact that I have always been a simple life loving person...so why now the need to have less,when I have never truly had much to start with? God knows my needs...I trust him completely. I leave the understanding to him. I do know this is a spiritual process I am dealing with. Those of you,who are spiritual will understand what I am trying to share here. 

I believe its Country Sampler..it speaks to me!
My home

Striving for that meek,quiet spirit....this scripture speaks of 1Peter 3:4
God's Holy Spirit speaks simplicity to my soul.

Not only in my home,my daily life,but also in my worship.

My service to Christ....

For truly whatever I do,speak..my actions.... everything is being watched,being examined! Thus,I desire that he increase and I (self) decrease. Do I fall...yes,and I get up and try again....it's truly that simple.



Anonymous said...

I think simpleness is the key to giving all to Jesus. To not have attachments to material things.

I always try to clean out things as if I was going to move, and wouldn't want to pack too much. When you have kids at home it is impossible...but it becomes easier when they move out.

I also clean out my email too...that is a bit easier! :)
And I see alot of bloggers clean out their past posts. I think I will do that later on.

annie said...


Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

I have a hard times letting go of things. I feel the need to because my home is very small. I do think as we declutter our home, we also get rid of a lot of clutter in our hearts. I think that makes sense, to me anyway. :o)


Just Be Real said...

Very nice Shelley. Leaving the understanding to God is a Big statement. One that I am trying to give over to Him. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.

janice15 said...

I love your post today..I often think I need to let go of more as well...I had a huge storage and I finally got rid of most of it...I just have a small one and I'm thinking I need to rid of it completely as well...Happy Saturday with love Janice

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I had a very hard time letting go of things but once I got started man oh man! Jack and I cleaned out and gave away and threw away a lot! And we got rid of even more when we moved. It felt good and the same goes with our spiritual life, it is better to let go of some things.

Anonymous said...

A simple life with "less stuff" is something I yearn for, yet I find it difficult to obtain. Sometimes, I feel very overwhelmed with stuff. I just wish I had the faith to start letting go of unnecessary temporal treasures and begin to fill myself with more of God's grace.