Jul 19, 2012

I have Fabric..........

Lots of it...which I store in some vintage suitcases. I love it,but I need to do something with it.
It's really not just for looks,although it is so pretty.

Some is very old..such as these two pieces above. They once belonged to an elder sister in our church family. Guess she never got around to sewing anything from them either :) Most likely from the 1940's.

Of course,I have some things stashed among all the fabric. Like this old quilt top above,pieced together by my late grandmother.

And my youngest daughter's well loved doll and sweet old teddy! A friend picked up these apron kits for me on clearance at Walmart over a year ago! Regularly $9.00,but marked down to $1.00. If I don't bring myself to pull out my sewing machine and dive in to learning to sew...I may find myself needing to weed through this stash and do away with some. No sense keeping it forever if I'm not going to make it useful. Right?

Guess you noticed I once again changed the look of my blog...bear with me please,just in the mood for change I guess :)  I am having a big problem with blogger customizing my text color and such...the window to do so won't open for some reason. Are any of you having such trouble ? Just wondering!Blessings,Shelley


Anonymous said...

Your blog looks very nice today! I almost didn't recognize it. I have a fabric stash too. ha...it just is so pretty. You never know, someday you might take on a project and be glad you already had the fabric. love,andrea

DollZandThingZ said...

Very nice stash there! If you don't use it, you could always sell it on eBay or Rtsy--there is a market for vintage fabric. I have my own "collection" that probably needs to be thinned. Suitcases are a great idea. I like your simple blog look today--but as you know, mine is simple, too. I never change it so I never have any problems...knock on wood!

annie said...

lovely fabrics!
blogger sometimes won't load, and I have to click reload page, it is a nuisance. love the aprons, you can do it!

Marydon said...

A couple pieces look like FEEDSACKS, Shelley! If they are, I am always intersted in buying feedsack fabrics.

They are all very pretty.

Have a wonderful weekend,

janice15 said...

I almost thought I was in the wrong place...but it's very nice...I love the Tea Pot material...Maybe you could make some pillows..but a nice stash. Hope all is well. It's almost the weekend...time just flys...with love Janice

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

I keep fabric in my vintage suitcases, too! I actually use my fabrics for wreaths, swags and balls but I still feel half crazy with trying to organize it at times. I also keep trims in my small travel cases. I spied some cute pom poms in your stash!

Some of my favorite fabrics are in my craft room but some is upstairs in the spare room. My tastes always change so I don't want to get rid of any of mine unless I'm SURE I'll never like it.

I rarely change my blog because I usually end up mesing things up- especially when blogger is always changing.

Have a great day Shelley!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Hi Shelley,

I just love pretty fabrics. Joy got a sewing machine for her birthday. We haven't worked at it as much as we should, but we're going to learn. She did fairly well with it. Me...I need more practice! :)

That quilt top is pretty. I had one that belonged to my grandmother that a lady finished out for me. I love it.

Blogger can be so aggravating at times. Hope you get it figured out. I did spend way too many hours the other day trying to figure out how to do a html code for buttons! Finally got it!! :)


Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Shelley,

Hello again! It's so good to be back and catch up on my favorite ladies' blogs (especially yours). I know what you mean about fabric stashes; I've made mine even worse by rescuing discards from the thrift store where we volunteer, hoping to repurpose them into something fun. If only I had a maid to clean while I sewed!

I hope you're keeping cool there, and enjoying the dog days of summer.



Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.