Jul 10, 2012

Take Joy

Do you find joy in your morning? Do you find each day a new beginning? No matter the circumstances of the day or night before...come morning,its a new day...time to take joy!  When Christ abides in our hearts and our lives,then there should abide joy as well. Even in times when our lives seems less joyful than appreciated.
Joy can come to our hearts in the most simplest ways! Open your spiritual eyes and ears and receive the joy that abides! Look beyond common circumstance.....look and listen with the heart and mind of Christ....be blessed with joy overflowing.....Joy unspeakable and full of glory...in the simplicity of today!

I awoke to the song of a happy bird...singing to Jesus...his creator....singing praises of a God who provides even when there is no need to toil or sow. To the sight of pretty flowers,standing erect and at attention to the fresh light of a new day. Being nourished,from a rainfall in the night! To the sound of a wee voice from a grandchild,bidding me Good morning,and declaring his love for me. What to you take joy in?



Anonymous said...

Hi Shelley...your graphics are so pretty...and the remembrances of your babies' days..

I just love the sound of a morning (or mourning) dove cooing in the morning!

I first was reintroduced to Red Skelton thanks to local PBS stations showing him during Christmas. So I really enjoy the Red Skelton's Christmas dvd and also "Christmas with Jack Benny"...I have them on my amazon wish list...it is nice they redo these. Amazon offered the jack benny one free to watch from their website last Christmas also. These old-time favorites are even cozier with their Christmas specials.


Just Be Real said...

Thank you Shelley for a wonderful encouraging post. Yes, I will take Joy! Blessings.

Peggy said...

Beautiful thoughts you share today. Just what I needed this morning. Have a wonderful day!

janice15 said...

My favorite joys in the morning are to hear the birds speaking and seeing the sun shine through the kitchen window in the blue glass...I love the graphics Shelly they are so sweet...thank you for sharing this post and stopping by leaving kind words...be blessed as well my dear friend...with love Janice

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

I love the quietness, the peacefulness and just the thought that God gave me another day.

Hope you have a JOYful day! :)


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I am just always joyful to have another day! I am a slow starter in the mornings but still happy!