Aug 5, 2012

A GRAND evening......

My computer has been giving me a problem,so if I am away you will know why.....I don't know exactly what the problem is,but I am hoping its nothing serious. I pray your Lord's day is a blessed one. Thought I would leave you will a little secret of mine.

 OK,I don't really sleep with Ann(Well,maybe sometimes),but Jalyn thought it a good picture :) This is my idea of a grand evening...spent well. Two grands and and some good books to share. Not a good sleeping arrangement though..I always lose a few winks when I'm getting some kicks to the back.
 Serious reading going on here.....
 How about a game of Pick'a Boo! I see you.
 Now I don't!
Of course,must always have a few silly pictures :)
 These two are good at silly pictures.

Let the little children come unto me..... Matt.19:14


earlene said...

Shelley cherish these momements and so very sweet.
My grands are growing and loved to be read too when they were small.
Every moment I have with them I feel blessed and sure you do too.

earlene said...

Oh and love the peek a boo!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Oh I loved the pictures! Silly little characters!

Amrita said...

Very sweet

marie said...

Such sweet moments...don't you love making memories with the grandchildren!

Anonymous said...

Oh phooey - I was kind of hoping you did sleep with Ann!
Love the photos - too cute!
: )

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Well I don't know which is sleeping with Annie there or the grandbaby reading! So sweet!