Oct 27, 2012

Day by day.....

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Today I stayed at home....inside all day....except just a little while on the porch,with a cup of coffee this morning. Worked on some signs I am making for the Church Christmas Bazaar,crocheted,heated some soup to eat,washed my dishes,bathed my dog Duke,bleached the tub,showered. Not necessarily in that order though! I have had the little electric heater going,as it has been quite chilly today,Duke is now laying in front of it ...drying off and warming up :)
Plan to mop over my kitchen floor...get ready for bed..read my bible and then try and finish an Amish story I have been reading. My life may seem pretty boring to some (or most), but for me its a life that suits me just fine! Praise the name of the Lord!

So what was your day like?

Have a beautiful Lord's Day tomorrow....blessings,Shelley


Ruby and Arthur said...

Shelley, I think your day sounds perfect! The older I get, the more I totally enjoy staying home and enjoying routine things. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog, you are a blessing! Jean

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

It sounds like you had a very cozy and nicely paced day. It was beautiful here today. Sunny and cool. I brought my Christmas cactus plants in. One is loaded with small flower buds. I hope they don't fall off because of change of light and temperature. It was cool enough to use the oven, so I baked a Pumpkin spice cake. My own invented recipe using yellow cake mix and adding cinnamon, a little bit of ground cloves, canned pumpkin, 2 eggs and walnuts. Am I the only one who thinks spice cake mix is too spicy?
Probably. I'm a spice wimp. Anyway, that is how my day went.

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Shelley,

Your days go by like my days, comfortable and peaceful at home! There's nothing boring about just doing your thing, in my opinion.

Especially when you have the company of a dog!



p.s. I spent the day nursing a couple of sick girls and making noodles for soup!

Amrita said...

God bless your weekend Shelly. My sister and newphew were here so we had fun, cooking, shopping and chatting all week. The weathe r is cooler these days, just love it