Oct 29, 2012

My purpose....my duty.....his will!

I had a beautifully blessed Sunday. We had a Missionary come to our church to speak for us both services. All my children,but two grandchildren and my youngest son were there for each service. I got up once,and coming back to the pew where I was sitting....I just looked at those two filled pews...filled with my children,and I just had to give a  breath of thanks to my Lord. Life can be so hard and complicated at times....we may fail to do just what we should,but when we still know in our hearts what is right and who comes first then I believe our feet are still on the narrow path...the road less traveled. My children nor I are perfect...we make mistakes...we fall down...we get back on our feet,with God's help and go forth. Such as life in this world as a believer...the difference is....are you an over comer? We were encouraged by this Missionary to press on..to go into the highways and the byways....to seek the lost...to bring Christ to them....is that not our purpose? We are not on this earth to gain worldly treasures and wealth. As Christians,followers of Christ..we have a message of GOOD NEWS to bring to the world of the unsaved.....how many lost souls will you encounter today? What will your response be to your encounter? We don't have to travel the world to reach the lost...they are already near to us...in our own communities and neighborhoods.

Let the Holy Spirit be your guide to reach them.

To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne,even as I overcame and am set down with my Father in his throne.  Rev 3:21

Blessings on your week dear friends....Shelley


Anonymous said...

When we start within our homes, Our Lord will guide us to the highways and the byways.

As always, I leave filled Shelley.


Faye Henry said...

Very lovely and true posting today my friend.. It is surely our purpose to spread the good news.. It is such a blessing when you look at the pews filled with your children..
God bless my friend..

Peggy said...

So beautifully said. You're right, we all fall, but we wouldn't need a Savior if we were perfect. I'm just so glad He sees beyond my imperfections and loves me anyway. It must have been a true blessing for you to see your family together in that moment. The Lord has honored you for living for Him and being an example to your family.

Angela said...

this is what God has been speaking to me and Diane as we have been at the Flea Market..I keep telling her I feel the Lord keeps saying..'love them Angela, share My love with them'. We have so many that come to visit us in our booth, so many that are hurting..on Sunday I almost broke down from the pain I felt coming from a gentleman as he shared a bit of his pain through some words he spoke (and probably didn't realize I read between the lines, God revealed where the pain was from)..I even talked about you girl to a couple that has come to visit me, twice so far. I gave them a raggedy andy and ann to them and told them that God really placed it upon my heart to give it to them and tell them He loves them....Their names are Dave and Diane and please pray for healing of the wounds and gashes they have carried around for their entire life...

Jacqueline said...

Holy Spirit, come into our hearts and lead us to the path that you have chosen for us. Bring those that are lost before us and help us do and say the right thing, to lead them direct to you.
In Jesus Name, Amen

Prayer request for Kara, Jared and Darrin's grandma, her life is coming to an end and hearts are hurting but we are celebrating too because we know all heaven awaits and eternal life for her.

Shaun's first surgery is November 15th. Please remember Shaun Shelley and we would appreciate a prayer chain for him and Kara who between her Grandma and Shaun is carrying a heavy heart.

I love you girlfriend...me