Oct 16, 2012

I am Blessed.....

What do I share today? Maybe I could say that I haven't really felt good all day...hope I am not coming down with something! Or maybe I will share something more encouraging like....Jessie (my dog) is just about 90% recovered after getting her snake bite,and my son has found another hot water heater to replace my broken one,that is very encouraging for me since I haven't had any hot water for going on two weeks now,but he won't have time to install it until the weekend...no matter...whats  a few more days? But then, I will still have to wait until I get my order in and the propane man delivers the gas to make the hot water heater heat the water. Its really OK,I can cook in the microwave a few more days...since I ran out of gas,and I am not able to use my cook stove.Can't order the gas until the hot water heater is installed! After all,heating water in the coffee pot hasn't been that bad! Oh, yes I am going back to the old days... sweeping my carpet since my old vacuum cleaner caught on fire yesterday...I threw it out in the yard....its still lying there too. I will have to save up for another one or I could just pull up the old dirty worn carpet and sweep the plywood floor under it....that would be OK with me too.....really... I wouldn't mind,because I am sure there are some people in the world who are sweeping their dirt floors daily...if they are fortunate enough to own a broom.

I gave a testimony a few weeks back,how I wasn't going to allow Satan to rob me of my victory...I meant it too...I am blessed...no matter what....I am blessed....you hear me Satan!

I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content,whatever the circumstances. Phil.4:11 NIV


Peggy said...

You are blessed and VICTORIOUS!! Thank you for sharing what you've been going through lately. We sometimes think we are the only ones who go through trying times. Your attitude (which I believe only comes from a life filled with Christ) is truly an inspiration and encouragement to me. The Lord will lead you to the other side of all this and Satan will be left scratching his head! I do hope you are feeling better and not coming down with something. Happy about Jessie making it through. Hang in there. I am lifting you up in prayer. P.S. I love the poetry of Robert Frost.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing mrs shelley...you are really a blessing around here..i love your posts i really do..loves soraya

annie said...

The Lord bless and keep Thee!
This was a very inspiring post, how often we need a gentle nudge to get our thinking back on the right path. Yours is a voice of sweet encouragement amid a sea of moaning complaints. You have such a gentle sweet loving nature, it is an honor to read your posts!

earlene said...

Your an ispiration.
When life gives you lemons make lemonade.
I did have to laugh about the sweeper Shelley! Sweepers have always been a thorn in my side. I have NEVER had one the works well.

Denise said...

Shelley,Keep up the wonderful attitude,you are an inspiration to Me.I will agree in prayer with you now- he will not win nor get the best of us-In Jesus name-AMEN.

Anonymous said...

Yes Shelly,
You are blessed - YOU know the LORD! That is the most important thing and so many to not have it.
I am sorry that so many things have gone wrong in the last very few weeks. That is difficult - I know. But you are going to make it through. You just hang onto your hope and God will see you through this and anything else that might come. You are in my prayers, Sweet Lady.
Blessings and Love tonight,
Lily, WA, USA

marie said...

Peggy is right...you are victorious, and also an inspiration to me!

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

I am happy that your dog, Jessie is doing well. I am hoping that you are feeling better soon and all of these challenges you have been facing will be overcome. I am sure that all of your readers, myself included, are keeping you in their prayers.
Take care. Hugs.

Jacqueline said...

I think you saw my comment once on my FB that says...I hope to be the kind of woman when I wake up the devil says, oh no! She's up!

In my experience the enemy is always trying to have his way, however his way is the road to hell and it's no way to go. Our God will supply all our needs according to his riches and his glory and in the end, God wins!

Happy that you are able to go on the retreat this weekend. You have been doing more and more of those type of adventures and how wonderful they are! I am hoping to go to Portland next June with Kara and Shaun and Len to see Joyce again.

It was fun to read about your good and cheap buys at the sale. My little booth did $300 last month. I was thrilled considering I sell only small things. I am seriously considering selling on Etsy too perhaps some of my cards and matchboxes to start. I love making them.

Off to work again today...loving what I do but working for peanuts..ah well, God is in control. I have some idea's brewing that I believe God has placed in my heart. I'll share them in a letter.

Excited to know a letter is coming!

Emily Fay said...

What a wonderful post today! Thank you for sharing this and your heart with all of us! God Bless you!

P.S. I love the look of your blog! It's beautiful!