Oct 15, 2012

My finds and more..........

Well,I haven't taken any pictures yet,but I can at least let you know what the things were I found at the sale we went to last Friday. This is a really good sale...the building is always packed full of stuff...every shelf,bend,box,whatever...running over,three buildings at that,and outside as well. The only problem is, it is a very popular sale and there is always a lot of folks attending. There is more than enough for everyone...its just hard to get around inside,especially for me because this year I had to use my walker! No matter it's always lots of fun. We only went through the main building this time. Yes,I am still weeding my home...probably always will be so I can enjoy these little thrift shopping sprees from time to time :)
So,what did I find?

A handmade quilt lap blanket,very pretty,made in blue and white blocks  .50 cents
Brown and white transfer plate,two cups and saucers..vintage..not over $3.00 for all of them.
A very clean and pretty Velvet doll made by Ideal  in 1969 .50 cents
A cute little Zapf Baby Born boy doll .75 cents
Four small vintage Prairie Style china dolls..like new..for .25 cents each.
Six very old books in good shape..two dated 1907 .25 cents each.
A book called The Christmas Tea .25 cents
Plain Perfect an Amish story by Beth Wiseman .25 cents
A Promise for Ellie by Christian Author Lauraine Snelling  $1.00
A little handmade set of Raggedy Ann and Andy  $2.00
Two vintage Made in Japan children figurines...very sweet .25 cents for both.
A small antique ironstone plate from a child's set of dishes .25 cents
Two mugs made by Williamsburg Pottery  .50 cents each
Small vintage black Punch Tin incense burner .50 cents
Mary Engelbreit mug,still in its box  $1.00
Vintage Style apron $1.00

I believe that about covers it......
Now,hopefully I will take some pictures and load them soon :)

And if you would like to see something else I bought recently...you can visit  here at my doll blog!

I do have a busy week ahead of me..lots of housekeeping to catch up on,then a Ladies Retreat at the end of the week...leaving for that on Thursday morning ...will return on Saturday. Looking forward for some great spiritual inspiration. Jessie is just about back to her bouncy normal self...thank you all for your concern and prayers for her...truly! Blessings to all,Shelley


Anonymous said...

That is awesome that Jessie is doing well! I am so happy for both of you!
Love the list of all your little finds! It sounds like such a fun sale! I'd love to attend.
Blessings and best wishes for you to have a great time this weekend!
Lily, WA, USA

my simple reflections said...

good news! great for you mrs shelley...blessings from holland..

Peggy said...

Sounds like a fun day! I can't wait to see the pictures of all the new treasures!

Mica Garbarino said...

look like you got some fantastic deals. Hoping your week will be blessed. Hugs friend, Mica

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

In the past, I attended a small church where the minister often spoke of saying "yes to life". There are many times that I have to remind myself of her wise words. It is hard to do sometimes. I have rather serious problems with my knees and stairs are difficult. Sometimes I have to make myself go ahead and go. After everything is said and done, I am always glad that I did. Have a fun time and bring back some pretty pics for us (if you have time).