Nov 5, 2012


I am mulling somethings over in my mind today....about this blog,about my other blogs,about my Pinterest and facebook account. I am stubbed as to what to post about today! There is much to do in my home...needful things. I am thinking of ..what is needful....what is not? What is worthy of my time? Why I seem to be idle when I should be busy. What is real,and what is what I try and make it to be,or wish it to be? If any of this makes sense at all....have I chosen that good what I am doing bringing glory to my Heavenly Father? Questions....questions??????????????
Please,bear with me in my folly. I do know where to seek for my answers....and I shall!

I posted a lot of pictures I know,but each one tells something about what I am feeling today.....just a bit of soul searching going on with me. I am going to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit as best I can...concerning the questioning of myself....Blessings on your week dear friends,Shelley

Credit for most of these images are to Pinterest


Denise said...

Yes, Shelly .I've asked Myself that many times concerning blogging.Once in a post.Then I look at the viewer section from all over the world,the countries I could never dream of reaching except through missionaries.We will never know the hearts We touch until that marvelous day We come face to face with HIM.That his how He answered Me.I wonder how He will answer you. Love ,Denise

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

I believe that this time of year, right before the holiday hub bub, causes us to pause and reflect. Not sure if it's the changing of the seasons and temperatures, or the earlier nightfall, or less sunlight, but I always become a little bit pensive/wistful at this time of year. I enjoyed your pics. As you know, I haven't been blogging that long. It amazes me how so many people make wonderful, interesting posts every day. I go for stretches where I feel as though I don't have much of interest to share; so I feel lucky if I have something to post about once a week or so. Sometimes, I think about writing something without pictures to post with it, but I think many people prefer seeing pictures instead of written ponderings, so those ponderings never become posts. Hm -as I am thinking about it now, why should I care how many people want to see pictures? I'm not bound by any advertising earnings or popularity contests. I am only bound by my own self-imposed restrictions and self doubt. Here I go being pensive again.

Have a cozy day.

Kim @ Light Cottage said...

Hi Shelley,
I understand. I'm in the same mood myself. I have not been visiting blogs much lately, until today, and I wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed looking back through all your posts, photos, and pictures. Your blog is so warm and encouraging! The beautiful photo of your family in '88 reminded me of mine so many years ago. . . lovely, blessed memories for me too.
God bless,

janice15 said...

Well I had many profiles as well facebook my blog and others..I have slowed it down. I don't post everyday it's just too much. Answers well they come from with in and from our Father above..So take your time and maybe not posting everyday is better. I love all the wonderful photos that you posted...Have a lovely afternoon with love Janice

Mitzi said...

Beautiful pictures to enjoy. Thank you.

An Ordinary Housewife said...

I'm currently going through a similar journey as yourself. I'm simply trying to learn to give my concerns, questions, worries, and anxieties to the Lord. I pray for His wisdom, where he will show me discernment regarding the things that I ask Him. It's not easy, but this weak woman wants to learn how to totally lean upon the Lord for all things.

I will keep you in my thoughts, Dear Shelley.

Emily Fay said...

It is always good to reevaluate and see what is needed and what is not. I do this often - I pray you will be guided and find the answers that will bring you happiness! The artwork today is just lovely! I had to save a few to my computer as I just love them! Blessings for a beautiful week ahead ~

Jacqueline said...

Good morning dear one,

When Alice in Wonderland fell down the rabbit hole it was a long journey. At times, I find myself falling down the rabbit hole and wondering if I had not wandered away from what was simple and just and lovely I could have save myself from falling.

I feel that the internet no matter what avenue you take, Facebook, Pinterest, blogging is a place for communication and joining hearts and making new friends and keeping the old. However, what is missing is one to one, look you in the eye, tea time, letter time, prayer time with friends. We talk on phones and text messages and emails and we spend so much time doing it...

If I only would devote that much time to God to hear his voice, be his friend, give and receive his love but no, I make friendship the priority and not always him when HE is our greatest friend.

Thoughts from Bellingham. Loving you always and forever.

Jacqueline said...

Shaun needs prayer...Nov 15th first surgery.