Nov 6, 2012

This and that.....

I did go vote this morning,but then my daughter Regina and I went to do a bit of thrift shopping and to Walmart. We actually made three different thrift stops. One of our favorites,a little shop I have mentioned before called The White Elephant,then to Goodwill and a new thrift store called Hope's Closet. Where my daughter put in an application to go to work. I did bring some things home,but was very careful. I found four old issues of Victoria magazine which will be fun looking through for .25 cent each. I was mainly looking for things that I might work with to fix some more items for the bazaar we have coming up soon. Regina loves to read and found lots of good books,she also can always find her some nice clothes to wear. We then went to Subway for lunch,which is always a treat. Anyway... it was a fun day,but by the time we made it to Walmart I was pooped,had a back ache and ready to lay down :) Thank the good Lord they have the ride on carts there otherwise I wouldn't have been able to shop. I only needed a few things we were pretty much in and out. Speaking of my daughter finding books today...I am almost through reading this book below. I have been enjoying the story very much. It was a thrift find too..last month at Salvation Army...actually a blogging friend I ran into there that day located it and asked if I would like to purchased it. Thanks Charity,if your reading this :)
 Its a good wholesome Christian story,with family hardships and blessings just as life is for us all.

I pray God's will be done in this election. I do know that come what may...God is still on the throne and in complete control....God bless America


annie said...

So good you were able to vote, and spend time with your daughter. I have read that series, all library books. You are right, it is a very good book.

Charity said...

Yay! I love matching people up with good books!! (one reason I like my little library job!) Glad you are enjoying the book! :)