Nov 7, 2012

Getting real...more questions....

My house feels cluttered and messy to me this morning...I think I will make a start today to clear away all the fall ...autumn some more weeding of other things,and make my home more open and sparse. I keep my home clean (no filth or nastiness) on a regular basis,but I will admit, I have a tendency to let things set around and pile up on me,until I look around and say... No more Shelley!  I try and make myself put things where they belong right away,hang up my clothes instead of laying them aside, folding the laundry right out of the dryer,but guess what? I don't always get to it until its start nagging at me. Then I start shaming  myself with words like...Just look at the mess are you lazy or what? The biggest truth is some days I just don't feel up to it,and also the truth is some days I think I just might be a little lazy,and don't care if it gets done now or later! Just like a lot of days I never get out of my night clothes...I stay in them all day and muddle around the house then crawl back in my unmade bed at night and read,or listen to soft music before going to sleep. Well,my life is my own I husband here,no more children at home so what does it matter....does it,should it?
I would like your opinion :) Blessings


Sharon said...

As long as you live and breathe and aren't an alzheimer's patient ;-) you can bless those around you.

I've thought about this. If I'm ever widowed and all my kiddos are gone - I'd like to move to a place where poverty reigns and be a blessing to young mothers who need encouragement; maybe help young marriages stay together; bring the lost to Christ. How does that idea suit you? A person would definitely have to live simply and deal with complaints from her children.

Maybe that's too drastic, but please don't ever think it's just your life. Think of Anna - 87 years old (or so?) and daily, continually prayed at the temple.

Food for thought.

Jacqueline said...

There is nothing wrong with hunkering down and being cozy. It is a false illusion that we have that our homes most be spit, spot and organized and all together. Somehow in my quest for everything in it's place so I can relax sent me into so much stress I fell asleep when I finally was able to relax.

That's not living, that's duty calling and sleep answering. I say go for BALANCE in life. The less we consume even for 25cents the less we have to manage. I've been taking a hard look at this myself my friend. I made a list, checked it more than twice and came to the conclusion that I need very little. It's what "I want" in life that causes the clutter and sends me into a whirlwind of managing it all.

Working with the seniors, I see their life reduced down to their favorite slippers, their pictures, maybe a few little trinkets but most have let go of stuff and carried on.

Thoughts from Bellingham. Just read your letter this morning...what a sweet moment in time.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh, Shelley, I have the same problem with things piling up and getting cluttered. It's true some days I just don't feel like taking care of any of it, but I don't like how looking at all that clutter makes me feel. It really blocks my creativity and brings me down. As long as you are content I say it's okay. You are a blessing to us all. Have a nice day! Twyla

Anonymous said...

Dear Shelley,

That's a hard one for me, too, with all the children's things, and all of my herbs, fabric, artwork, magazines, and other interests. It can pile up! I say to do the best you can each day, and give yourself a break when you aren't feeling up to being Mrs. Clean all the time. We all have up days and down days!



Emily Fay said...

It doesn't matter what our circumstances are - we can bless and uplift each other and sometimes we need to be the one uplifted! Sending hugs and love your way for some upliftment! Your life matters! God cares about you, knows you personally and loves you so much!

There is nothing wrong about staying comfy! I am staying comfy today (I am sick this week..)

Also, to enter into that contest, you have to click into the white box at the end of the blog post. Then you click on what you've done (like left me a comment) and you are entered!

Love to you! I received your letter, by the way! :) I am so glad we are pen friends!

Anonymous said...

Dear Shelley,
You have been very thoughtful in your last several posts. I want to tell you to be encouraged as you seek answers to your many questions. God is faithful and guiding you.
As for staying you your jammies... I have been unwell for 2 years now and almost all of my days are in my sleepware and bathrobe. When I am well again I will be dressed. When you feel well, so will you. Don't you think? Don't let it concern you. Just you take good care of yourself.
Lily, WA, USA

Shelley said...

Thank you are all dear friends to me...truly....blessings!

Denise said...

I need to barrow this pic.for Myself :) I think I mentioned once to you,our next move hopefully will be a trailer or RV :)

Denise said...

I need to barrow this pic.for Myself :) I think I mentioned once to you,our next move hopefully will be a trailer or RV :)