Nov 26, 2012

Out with the HO HO.....and Jaxon's Tree.

Slowly ,but surely its beginning to look a bit like Christmas in my home. I have a feeling the season is going to come and go this year very quickly,although I am trying to take it slow and easy and savor every second. I will be in and out of my home some helping my parents get my brother back and forth to his doctor appointments...he has two this week for more test,then on December the 3'rd he will go back for the results. We are praying the cancer has not spread to any other place in his body. Tonight is the Christmas Parade in the little town over from ours..we always try and go watch it,my little grand Jaxon may be driving his John Deere tractor he got for his birthday in it. Meme sure can't miss that :) Speaking of Jaxon...he is so excited about everything to do with Christmas this year...being three years old now....he is much more aware of all the fun things happening. He loves the Polar Express movie and refers to Santa Claus as HO HO! Its really very cute,but mama is making sure he understands the true meaning of Christmas,that it is all about Jesus' birthday,and that's the reason for the celebration. In my home...I have decided not to do Santa as much as I have in the past (refer to title here) my vintage cloth Rubber faced Santa's are staying packed away in their tub this year. The rest I gave up! I collected all kinds of Santa's at one time. I do have an old World St. Nicholas I brought out,and several snowmen as well. Still,I am keeping Christ in my Christmas...more than anything else! After all...he is the reason for the season....Right?

Jaxon helped his mama decorate their tree...he was so excited about hanging all these Christmas balls together around the bottom of the tree, his mama didn't have the heart to rearrange them...although they were driving her batty :)

So proud....

The little country bunny in this picture I bought from a friend who handmade them,as a Christmas gift for my daughter when she was about 13..her big sister got one that same year,but she no longer has her's.

Jaxon sitting near his tree with his friends and Mr. Ho Ho.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but smile about Jaxon's tree decorating creation. He has a cute little smile too. :)

Over the past few years, my husband and I have been trying to take the holiday season at a much more simple and relaxed pace without too much "fuss and hassle."


Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Shelley,

Jaxon's going to love Christmas at your place this year! Way to take a stand and focus on the Savior; one Santa is plenty, right? :)

Here's wishing you a wonderful week.



Anonymous said...

When I saw the ornaments all at the bottom of the tree... I knew what had happened even before I read the caption! lol! That is pretty sweet!

I will be remembering your brother in my prayers as these days go by.

Blessings and Love,
Lily, WA, USA

Amrita said...

Jaxson looks so cute , I like your bunny

Jacqueline said...

What? Santa is gone for good? Oh, I hope not. I figure God gave us imagination and fun and laughter to enjoy ourselves. He knows how much we love him and a little Santa never hurt anyone. I think it's all about good balance in ones life. I don't think just because you have a cute Christmas makes it any less holy. God knows our hearts. One time this christian man came up to me at my store Once Upon a Fairyland and told me in his eyes gnomes were evil and I should not like them at all if I was a christian. That was the day I challenged him and told him I was born with gnomes and elves and goodness all around me and he was not going to insinuate I was less of a christian because I loved gnomes. I think Christmas is the best time to show folks that God is safe and he is good and he loves us whether we sit in church 7 days a week or not. He loves us.

Both of us have loved ones on our minds this year but God's plan is perfect, whatever happens, we trust in him.