Dec 1, 2012

Back Home........

I have been away from home for the last few days. A visit with my parents,helping them drive my brother to his appointments and back. While I was there,I helped mama put up their Christmas tree and decorate a bit in their home. It was fun being there to help. They didn't want me to leave! Tomorrow at our church we are having out Thanksgiving/Christmas meal together,then afterwards my girls,a friend and I are going to the Christmas Tour of Homes in our area. That should be a lot of fun,and much more so because both my daughters are going too. One of our area Good will Stores had a grand opening at their new location on Friday and again today,Saturday. I went with mama on Friday and there was so much to see and find. I was very good though and only picked a out a few small things....what fun it was looking though! My daughter picked me up today from my parents and she stopped back by there, so I got to get a second look,but so much had been sold from the shelves already...there was lots of Christmas on Friday. As I said a few post back though I weeded through my own Christmas stuff, so I won't let myself start collecting again :) It was really very easy to look and not buy...I just told myself you really don't need this Shelley,and I happened to agree with myself too :)

I hope your weekend is lovely...we are having some very strange weather patterns here in my neck of the woods. Most days it feels more like Spring!


Debbie said...

How wonderful to get to spend time with your family and share some Christmas activities and fellowship. I hear ya, it's getting a lot easier and more fun to look and not buy! :D

Jacqueline said...

A new Goodwill? Oh goodness, that may be a worth a trip to Texas!

I have really enjoyed the craft fairs this year. Yesterday Kara and I went to one and bought a little sock monkey hat for Alder and a sweet knitted hat for Kara for no reason, she just needed a pick me up! I bought dog treats and a cute little snowman ornament made out of bottle caps. Small pleasures for a Saturday out.

Off to celebrate a friends birthday today and the theater production of The Pajama Game. Fun day ahead!

Prayers for your brother.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home! That is great you were there to help you folks with the travel arrangements and to do the Christmas decorating! And you got to have such a good time at Good Will! I hope today was a very blessed day at church and on the tour with your friend and daughters.
Blessings and Love,
Lily, WA, USA