Dec 6, 2012

Christmas Chit Chat.......

Little tree I made last year,do you see the baby bird nesting in the can 

I have been having fun visiting different blogs and seeing such wonderful decorating styles...different,but still wonderful in their own way! Primitive,Shabby Chic,Farmhouse,traditional,vintage..its all wonderful. As you know I do some primitive,but have a bit of vintage,farmhouse style as well. I think I could style is more " make do " than not  :)  I have had a good day today and felt fairly well....therefore I was able to do some decorating of my own and can truly say I am just about done for this, I will be getting the presents together,wrapped and under the tree. I spent a day out and about yesterday half of the day with my daughter Kathy and her children ,dental appointments,etc. ,then the second half of the day with my friend Betty. Can you say hustle and bustle ,because that's what was going on in town......busy people going to and fro...filling their arms and carts with Christmas cheer. My purchases were few and far between,and I always have the most fun at the thrift...don't you know? But even the thrift stores were packed with busy shoppers...maybe people are catching on to idea that secondhand isn't so bad and can save some well needed dollars in this day and time.
While I made no plans to decorate with a theme this year,and while I left my vintage Santa Clauses packed away...somehow the snowmen or showing up all over the a snowman,there a snowman...I didn't realize I have snow many snowmen !
I still haven't taken any pictures to share with you all...maybe I will charge my batteries and get to that tomorrow. How is your decorating coming along? Are you about done or just getting started?

Oh,yes..the Christmas cards are starting to arrive in my mailbox...I must get mine ready to mail,put in the box,and on their way.... very soon!


earlene said...

Merry Christmas Shelley!
The tree in the coffee can is adorable.
Loved your post today.

Deborah Hamilton said...

I have finished my decorating. My tree is all white this year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelley,
So glad you hare having some better feeling days! Awesome!
I love the little tree in the coffee can - Sweet!
Love to you,
Lily, WA, USA

marie said...

I love your tree in the coffee tin...and the sweet bird nesting inside!