Dec 25, 2012

Oh.... Happy Christmas Day!

Such a special Christmas day! The kids,with my grandchildren all packed inside my little home
(16 souls)...lots of wonderful food,warmth,and love. We sat together at the "Christmas table" ,that took up most of my small kitchen, living room area and shared our meal together with gratefulness. Twelve of us around the table and four little ones sitting close by on the floor :)  Then we took down the table and made room to open the gifts. My eldest son Thomas passed them around to each one. Then we opened them,one person at a time,so all could see what the other had received. Then after everyone had left and gotten settled back into their own homes..short of a miracle happened...SNOW in Texas on Christmas day! What a blessing indeed. It came down fast and furious for a good while,then dropped back to a light falling. All my life I have wished for snow on Christmas day,along with lots and lots of other fellow Texans :) Today it happened! It was a very special Christmas day for me..leaving me feeling very content.  A wonderful way to celebrate God's son! I hope yours was just as special too...I am sure it was in some way or the other!

Watching the snow from my front porch. There isn't any sound to this video.


marie said...

Oh my...what a perfect day! Family, food, fun and snow for Christmas!
Your table looks lovely Shelley, and I'm sure your family gathering was so special for you. It sounds like it was a joy-filled day!

wandelen met jesus said...

beautiful mrs shelley thanks so much for sharing..i love your blog trying to bring simplicity in my life..less stuff keep our heart humble..thanks you are a inspiration for me..blessings soraya

earlene said...

What a beautiful table setting Shelly and so warm.
You have a beautiful wooded yard..yea!! Snow!!!
Get togethers at your house are fun.

Deborah Hamilton said...

Your table looks beautiful! We got snow in Dallas County too. It was beautiful.

DollZandThingZ said...

Yes, your table is beautiful! How wonderful about the snow! A lovely day!

Patty Sumner said...

Your table looks wonderful. I love it when everyone can gather together...So glad you had snow...Blessings!

Anonymous said...

What a Christmas to enjoy and then remember! I am so happy for you! To have all your family there with you around a beautiful table and then to have the day topped off with snow... in Texas on Christmas Day! Blessings abound!
Sending love,
Lily, WA, USA

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Shelley,

Hooray for Christmas snow! Especially in Texas. :) What a blessing to have the family gathered around to celebrate the birth of our dear Savior. Everything looks so down home and cozy, and I'm sure that many happy memories were made.



Amrita said...

beautifully laid out

Merry Christmas to you

maria b. said...

Wow...snow in Texas :) We have had up to a foot here in the mountains...but I do so love snow :)

So good to find you never went anywhere - but I did :( Thank you for sharing Shelley.

maria b.