Mar 8, 2013

Pinwheels and Daisies

You girls know I am a dolly fan,although baby dolls and of course,Raggedy Ann have always been my favorites,but I have been inspired by a sweet blogging friend at "Sugar Sweet and Pink" to bring home this little cutie.....and how could I help it..when she was at Dollar General for only $4.00! These Bylthe dolls are so in right now...with the originals from the 1960's going for some really big money on Ebay and else where! I was so tempted to buy a few more of these little dolls,but I disciplined myself regarding that idea,because I must be realistic with such a low income. Most all my fun shopping is done secondhand,even clothing and such,but sometimes I do splurge just a bit :)
You must go visit Paula,for she has a collection of these Bylthe dolls,as well as many more little lovelies to see. Her dolls, I am sure are much more expensive and much better quality than my little one made by Hasbro,but she would be the one to fill you in on everything to know about Bylthe dolls,I just know they are cute :)   Speaking of cute, Paula's home is full of cuteness! She is a cutie herself,and so very sweet! You won't be disappointed in your visit.


Sew Blessed Maw said...

Oh I love your doll..SO adorable..I will have to take a trip to Dollar General and see if we have any.. SO cute..
I too, live on a budget.. But, I enjoy the search at the thrift stores..Fun,fun..
What a cute ,fun photo..

Anonymous said...

Your new little doll is so cute... I think I just want her thick blond hair! lol!
And I love your new header! Wonderful!
Have a great weekend! Be blessed!
Lily, WA, USA

Pendleton Primitives said...

The matching beanies are adorable! My daughter has American girl dolls just collecting dust. Some are new, others second hand that I used when I made and sold AG inspired clothing. My daughter does not play with them anymore but who says I can't??? You've inspired me to get them out and play and perhaps my daughter will join me. Love your dollies!

Jacqueline said...

Good morning!

I am smiling big! My next doll on my list was a Blythe doll. I'm not sure how you spell it but who cares when you are that cute.

Off to Seattle to day to be with little Alder while Darrin and Melinda move to another rental home. The lease ran out on the other and the owners decided to sell so they need help. Granny to the rescue!

Paula said...

Hello dear Shelly! What a lovely post sweet friend! I love your darling Blythe girl! The Littlest Pet Shop sets are so SWEET! I think this one is my favorite! I am so glad you found it and at such a great price too! She looks so sweet with her doggie and your Easter pretties! Thank you so much for your kind words! You blessed me so much!!! Love the sweet photo of her in the little basket house and her darling doggie! Thank you for sharing! Have a beautiful and blessed day dear heart! Much love, Paula xo

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Dolls at the Dollar General? I'm going to look for them, too! They are very sweet!

Sew Blessed Maw said...

Hi Shelly, Went to our dollar general ,but didn't see the adorable blythe dolls.. Are they called blythe dolls or something else? yours are adorable..