Mar 6, 2013

"Sometimes Love Just Comes Softly"

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Its not a new movie,you may have seen it, as it has been out since 2003. Its a beautiful story by author Janette Oke,which she wrote back in the 1980's! I read this series back then when my kiddos were small.
I had seen this movie once on TV years ago,but just recently bought the DVD. I have watch it over and over...its just one of those movies that does your heart and soul good. That's how it is for me anyway.
My mama still has a set of the books and I plan to read them again soon. If you have never read them,I think they would be worth your time. Are just watch the movies...there are eight in the series now,and two prequels as well. You can go here for more information on the series. This very first movie is my favorite of  all the ones I have seen thus far.

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There is one part after Clark's barn has burned to the ground and Marty is having a hard time understanding how Clark's God, whom Clark loves so much,and is so faithful too, could possibly allow such bad things to happen to him. Clark takes Marty out to his church,which is just a bench in the field, and there gives a witness to her about God's love. He tells her that " It's not so much that God allows bad things to happen to us,but he gives the promise that he will always be there to help us when they do happen."  Its a beautiful promise...isn't it?
Marty's friend shares with her in one part of the movie that love doesn't always come with fireworks,then says to her "Sometimes Love just comes softly" ! As for my thought.... I have a feeling that ...that just may be the best kind of love there is.


Jennifer Where the Green Grass Grows said...

My favorite movie!! It's my favorite in all the movies in that series. I can watch it over and over!!

Anonymous said...

Oh...I so enjoy the books from A. Oke...they leave me feeling so happy and content.


Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Once upon a time I owned all those books but I gave them to my favorite library. Now I'm buying them all back at thrift stores and through paper back swap!

I was disappointed in the movie because Missie isn't a baby! I love it in the book when Missie says "Mama" to Marty. I guess it's like most movies based on books. You have to remember the "based" part and except them as a separate story.

Never Forsaken said...

I have a book by Janette Oke entitled "The Father of Love".
I love it. I was reluctant to watch any of the movies though as I was concerned they might ruin the books (had that happen before).
I am so glad you shared this review today, as we just got a half off membership to our local video rental place, and now I know what I'm renting this weekend!
~God bless~ Lisa

marie said...

Love these books...and the movies. "Love Comes Softly" is my favorite. I just watched it last week!!

Sew Blessed Maw said...

I havent seen the movie nor read the books.. But, I am going to search for them..
I love Little house on the Prarie by Charles Ingalls [watch reruns every day,ha].. SO, I know, I would love these..
thank you so much for sharing.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

This is one of my ALL time favorite movies, too. I have used the quote that he uses to say, He could be walking alongside Missy and she could get hurt but he would be there to pick her up and help her. It's a beautiful witness to the glory of God. I love your pretty banner girlfriend!

Debbie Jones said...

I had never even heard of this movie before reading this post, but it really sounds like one I would enjoy so I am going to look for it! Thanks for this review. The books look good too. Enjoy the coming weekend.

Jacqueline said...

Sweet times, much needed times. I got your letter by the way and I'm thrilled you are staying put!

Anonymous said...

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