Apr 3, 2013

Chit, Chat...this and that! Puppy Talk!

Its cool here again this morning,in the 40's! The puppies woke me up crying...guess they were cold. I snuggled them up in a blanket and all is quiet for the time being :)  I tell ya,this puppy thing has had me feeling like a new mother again...eleven times over in fact!  They are three weeks old today.....just three more weeks and they are bound for new homes,and new mothers :) Regina took the little runt home and is bottle feeding her...she was getting pushed aside by the others. That leaves me with ten!

They are just starting to climb out of this pool/bed!  What am I going to do with 10 puppies running around everywhere? Gotta put my thinking cap on!

I got all my Easter decorations packed away yesterday.....I was ready for it. I am also ready for some tried and true Spring cleaning in this house,but I am thinking it will be a while. After the puppies are gone,and Jessie is back outside. My daughter Regina and I are thinking of having a big yard sale,maybe next month. Thats a lot of work,but it helps us to rid the things we no longer want or need ,and also can make us a bit of money,which always comes in handy! I saw a new doctor on Monday. He is a part of a aging clinic at the hospital where my youngest daughter,the nurse,works. I am thinking this was a good choice to change doctors...he is sending me for several test,and we spoke about my having Bariatric Surgery sometime in the future. I have battled being severely overweight all my life. My other doctor refuse to even discuss this with me. He only suggested a change in lifestyle. Which I only wish was as easily done as spoken. I tried such...over and over again! Of course,I will be doing a lot of praying about having this surgery before I decide! I know of some persons who have went this route with great success and some who gained back the weight over time. Well,so much for that subject,for now anyway!
I hope your week is going well,thus far.....don't the days go by so fast? They do for me!


Anonymous said...

My they've grown. They look young, yet very healthy. They must have a good mother!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

They are so sweet! I can imagine how much time they take!

I'll pray with you about the possibility of surgery that you make the right decision!

Have a great day, Shelley!

Never Forsaken said...

They are very adorable!

yes, the days seem to go faster the older we get.
Remember when I was young and time seemed to go by painfully slow!
I had a friend who had that surgery and it was a great success, but she could not eat very much at a time, so she had to learn how to get maximum nutrition in what she did eat!
A good doctor can make all the difference...I have not found a good one yet around here though :(
~God bless~

Terra said...

Oh what darling puppies. I hope your new doctor works out to be a good partner for you in your health care; it sounds like you are off to a good start.

Sew Blessed Maw said...

The puppies have really grown.. So healthy..
I will be praying for your upcoming /possiable surgery.. And pray God let you know, what is best for you, and your health.. BIg hug..

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelley,
I will be praying that God guides you to the best choice regarding the Bariatric Surgery. I know it is a big step for you to take. One of my nieces had it done just this last December and she is doing very well. She is about 45 years old and so wanting to improve her health just like you. She is able to go for walks for exercise and is eating very healthy and it is going well for her. Are there people you could be in contact with to discuss how it worked for them before you do it? Does your Doctor have anyone you could talk with who has had it done? Blessings upon you!
Love the look of those puppies. : )
Love to you,
Lily, WA, USA

earlene said...

Aww look at those adorable puppies...love it Shelley...you are going to be VERY busy fkeeping track of them!!
My SIL had that surgery and she is doing great and looks great and feels so much better. But it is very scary the thought of surgery.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

The puppies are adorable so pudgy and cute. I'll bet your grandson just loves petting them. Oh what a quandary the decision about bariatric surgery is. I am very overweight and have been doing some research on it. It is a major decision.

RB B said...

Oh they are SO sweet,I'm a sucker for a puppy! You look like you have your hands full Shelley. Love the illustration too.

Peggy said...

You sure have your hands full! Ha! They are so cute. You shouldn't have any problems finding other homes for them.(unless you get tempted to keep one or more, Ha!)
I'm hoping that you are more encouraged seeing a new doctor. I will pray that God gives him perfect wisdom in his treatment plan for you. And for you, dear one, that the Lord bless you with the good health you need. He is our Great Physician!