Apr 1, 2013

Easter...of a Different Kind!

Well,I have no family pictures to share of our Easter Sunday. It was a very different Easter this year...kinda bittersweet. We had a sunrise service at church and regular services to follow...it came a huge storm,a down pour, while we were in Sunday School. My youngest daughter and her family went to church with her in laws.  After service everyone went to their own home...no egg hunt for the young ones,no Easter dinner together....I didn't even dye eggs for my grands this year. I did manage to fix them a Easter goody,but it still sits on my table this morning. My eldest son is in the middle of a court battle for visitation with his children and he can't bring himself to do much celebrating without them. My youngest son works overnight and came to church straight from work,so he was ready for bed afterwards. I came home, had a bowl of beans and went to bed for a long restful nap. Easter isn't truly about the Easter Bunny,nor an egg hunt or even spending time with family. It is about Jesus Christ resurrecting ,conquering death,hell and the grave for whosoever will.....and Oh , what a reason for a celebration! So as a family we honored God the Father and his son Jesus, by coming together to worship through prayer,song and praise to the one who died,who arose and lives forever more...that makes for a wonderful Easter in my heart.

As part of our Sunrise service we erected crosses on the grounds of our church,as a symbol and a memorial of what Christ did for all mankind.

Our Pastor and his son,sharing a sacred celebration of our Risen Lord.

The older I get ...the more I realize things do not stay the same...times, things, holidays, people change....I don't do change well,but I do know that sometimes...changes are for the best!


marie said...

I am not a fan of change either, Shelley. But I guess it's inevitable isn't it.
Your church service sounds like it was lovely...I have never been to a sunrise service. That's a change I'd like to make!

Sounds like the most important part of your Easter didn't change at all though.

He is Risen!!

Anonymous said...

You are right Shelley, it is not about the Easter bunny or baskets, etc. I always notice that Protestants always dress better than Catholics for church :)...shame on us Catholics! We just had our kids over after everyone went to their own churches by their homes (as that is easier anyway....), ate our meal and talked, then they went to their in-laws or homes. After all the other church services during Holy Week, I was really too tired to do anything else. And I know for Christmas, my favorite part, even when my kids were little and got toys, was in the evening to sit in the living room by myself as they were watching a movie and others had gone home, and having my own peaceful quiet Christmas!

Sew Blessed Maw said...

Shelly, so sorry that things didn't come together on Easter Day. But you are so right, it is all about serving our Lord.. And that is what you did..
I was sick with this ole asthma on Easter Sunday.. so I didn't get to go to church.. My kids did come in that afternoon, But I didn't enjoy it, since I was sick.. But all in all, knowing what the day represented, made it a wonderful day..

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelley,
I know that change is difficult but you are right in saying that what was really important did happen on your Easter Sunday! You could celebrate in church the glory of the resurection! I am so glad for that!
Sending you love,
Lily, WA, USA

Mrs. G said...

Your Easter sounds very peaceful. Perfect for reflecting on the sacrifice made for you and me.

I noticed one of the pictures was labeled Arp Assembly of God. Is that Arp, Texas by chance? One son lives in Troup and one in Carlisle. Both are firefighters and good Christian folk. I am from Mt. Enterprise, originally. Small world.

Email me at OsageRose2649@yahoo.com. I would love to visit with you.

Grace & Peace

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

On holidays I often find myself getting a little "broody". I miss the time when our kids were little, I miss family members who have passed on, and even though I know that Easter is not about the egg hunting, I missed that this Easter. I have decided to hide eggs for our grandson and have an egg hunt on Thursday when we babysit for him. Better late than never, and at three years old, I know he will enjoy it and so will my husband and I.

Peggy said...

I'm not always comfortable with change. I try to just expect it and accept it--easier said than done sometimes! Even though this may not have been your "normal" Easter day, it sounds like you made the most of it and was made memorable just the same. There's nothing ever wrong with your own company when our dear Lord sits beside you!