Apr 11, 2013

Flower gifts........

These are tops off my Collard plants. I thought they were pretty enough to bring inside.

One of the sweet sisters from church blessed me with some flowers,so I have some planting to do. My grands always love helping do that!

What some see as a nuisance ,I see as something valuable and of edible worth.  The lowly Dandelion!

I call these weeds in my yard.... Lily of the Valley. I know they aren't the true "Lily of the Valley" plant,but they resemble them,thus the reason for the name I gave them :)

My test today went great....all is well. I still have a few more to go though. Thank you sweet friends for the thoughtfulness mentioned in your comments,each one of you.


Sew Blessed Maw said...

What beautiful flowers.. So proud your test went well.. And praying for the remaining ones..
Hope you have a great evening.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

I am hoping everything continues to go well on your tests. You have some pretty flowers. I wonder what your "lily of the valley" is. It is a pretty flower. Lilies of the valley are one of my favorite flowers. I love their scent and used to always wear a cologne that smelled like lilies of the valley. It was called Muguet de bois. It is not manufactured anymore.
You wrote about the dandelion being edible. What does it taste like? I would like to know how you prepare it. At this time of year I am always so hungry for salads and greens and cabbage.

Never Forsaken said...

The collard looks beautiful!
It is nice to see all the colors of your home...we are covered in snow again here in Michigan!
~God bless~

Anonymous said...

You have alot of growth in your yard! I didn't know the collard greens would get that...I love to put them in soup...but always fed extra to my rabbits. So they never grew too long.

Good luck to your son. My son just discovered that because he rented a U haul truck, they offer free one month storage in one of their storage rooms!! This is saving him lots of money since he didn't want to put his stuff back into his present home while he awaits the settlement that fell through!

My parents had that red blossom bush too...so I was so happy to be able to find one and plant it. It has had 2 babies so far so I planted them and now have 3.

Anonymous said...

So glad your test went well! Awesome! I hope the rest are great, too! Praying!
That is so sweet that a sister from church gave you flowers to plant! Enjoy yourself!
Lily, also a Lily-of-the-Valley! Hee!

Peggy said...

Love the flowers. We are certainly blessed in Texas to have all the wild flowers that pop up. I agree they all have their own beauty, even if considered weeds by some. I even love those big ole thistle plants that I see on the roadside.
Glad you tests went well! Have a great week-end.

Faye Henry said...

Oh my sooo pretty and we are expecting a snow storm tonight.. smile.. xo