Apr 13, 2013

Outdoors with Pearl and Patty...........

Pearl and Patty are two prim sisters who came to live with the other dolls and I sometime ago. While they are generally mild mannered and quiet,not a bit rowdy in the least! I thought they just might need a bit of outdoor play time,but first being the very good sisters that they are,they decided to stop by the church and give thanks with prayers for all their many blessings.  Such good girls are they!
Patty,being the one with the green thumb,just had to get a closer look at this plant hanging near the church.

While Pearl was ready to get on the ground and take to adventuring about the yard.
Making friends with the ducks and Chester,the yard squirrel.

Silly things..thought this was the playground......

They love the dandelion flowers!

These girls just could not resist taking a sunbath....being indoors all winter...really had them craving some sunshine....indeed!

They were so excited to get their picture taken amidst the flowerbed!

Whipping up a cake....or so they think!

After pushing them about on the old yard trike....I thought it was time to go back indoors. No, the girls were not near ready to do so,but I promised them there would be more play days to come,and so being the good girls they are...they gave in quickly and came back into the house. Thus was the adventure for Pearl and for Patty!



Denise said...

Thanks for the fun story,made Me smile this morning.We can have a good time so easily.A gift. I love your primitive dolls Shelly,so lovely.Shelly,My new post haven't been showing up on My own reader list,so I don't know if others can see them.Did this mornings show up on yours?May Our Lord come soon-YES-Denise

Anonymous said...

That was light-hearted and cute! I am amazed of the leaves on your trees and all your green in your yard!

Joyce Mayer said...

Hi Miss Shelley,

Oh boy, I love reading stories about bears and dolls having fun playing and writing about their adventures.

Maybe Patty & Pearl could have their own Blog, you know, like me. (o:

Heaps of Hugs
Prudence ♥

Sew Blessed Maw said...

I love your 2 prim dolls. And enjoyed the outdoor play with them.. I see your flowers are growing and everything is looking
pretty.. Hope you have a blessed and nice weekend.

Peggy said...

Wouldn't mind an adventure like that myself!

Connie said...

Hi Shelley,
Your stories are wonderful and your dolls a delight. I love visiting your blog, and thought that this time I should leave a note and say, hello :)
Your blogging sister, Connie

Anonymous said...

Pearl and for Patty had such a wonderful day I wish I could have joined you all on your tour around the yard and had such a nice time. What a great adventure... please take them again, Shelley, and let us come along in your photos!
Lily, WA, USA

earlene said...

Aw that was cute Shelley!!!
Great rusty mixer.

Raymond Homestead said...

Really enjoyed this post Shelley. It was fun seeing Patty and Pearl enjoying their day!

annie said...

This was a lot of fun, I felt like I was playing right along with them!

marie said...

This is adorable!
Wonderful dolls, beautiful photos, and a very sweet story!
Thanks for the smiles Shelley!!

DollZandThingZ said...

A fun adventure...and yes, they should get more play time outdoors! They seem to love it!

Denise said...

Thank you Shelley.Blessings shine down on You this new day :)

Denise said...

Thank you Shelley.Blessings shine down on You this new day :)