May 23, 2013

Housekeeping Plans.........

I have always liked making  a change from time to time in my home. In the way of rearranging furniture,displaying different collections,etc. It always gives me a sense of freshness,something different for the eye to see. When you can't make major changes,make little ones!
I don't do this near as much as I once did,due to the fact...its take energy! Which I don't have much of anymore,but yesterday I felt as though I may be up for the challenge! So I sat down and set up a plan in my mind just how I would rearrange my living room.  Moving furniture can get you into some deep cleaning which, is exactly what happened (it has been a while)! And then, the window AC unit looked as though it needed more of an intense cleaning ,other than the usual just wiping it down and cleaning the filter. Let me tell ya,that decision led to a lot of work. Its a miracle the thing was still working!
I have had it in the window for at least eight years! It was old to start with and had been used in a garage before it was given to me. Only by the grace of God,I'm sure is why it continues to keep me cool! Thank you Lord! Anyway,I pulled and tugged,moving this here,and that there ,vacuuming as I went. Needless to say before I even began to get near finishing...I was done! Everything basically out in the middle of the floor,and thats how it stayed overnight! What energy I felt I had,was gone!
 My grandson came over in the afternoon and asked me, Meme,what happened to your house? To that question I replied..(nonchalantly) Oh,I am just doing a little  a lot of housekeeping! :)
Anyway, the plan today is to finish what I set out to do yesterday. That's the plan anyway!
We will see how it goes! Have a beautiful day.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes when we start it is hard to stop :D m.

Never Forsaken said...

Praying you have enough energy to finish today!

Jackie Jaggers said...

My goodness girlfriend you are not only posting up a storm you are hard at work in your house again. Good for you and good for you that you let it rest overnight and you can come back to it today.

I adore the new look of your blog, happy and carefree! Love it much!

I'm really looking towards a three day weekend. Len just has Sat. off and we are heading down south to look at small shops in a little town. That is all the plans we have...pure bliss.

I have been watching one movie every weekend. Last weekend I watched the movie The Secret Life of Bee's. You would love it, or get the book and read it. Heart warming. I think the movie is better. This weekend I shall watch The Borrowers!

Love you as always and forever...but you already know that!

Mary @ Colony Mountain Folk Art Dolls said...

I am out visiting this morning and enjoying your blog. Yesterday's post has inspired me to get busy with some much needed deep cleaning. Your pantry ideas are wonderful, and of course, I enjoyed the dolls!

Anonymous said...

Your new blog pictures look so nice! Cheerful too.

I hope you continue good luck with your air conditioner. Our home's just broke last night, which was the first night I turned it on this year. It is 20 years old, so we were almost expecting it to break soon.

I rearrange furniture alot too, although much less now as I am getting older. It makes me feel like I have something new! That is cute about your grandson. We always laugh because my husband won't notice I changed furniture around for a couple of days to weeks!

kare said...

Hubby & i Just did this very thing Last Friday...AARGH!
WHAT a MESS!! & we maintain ours on a regular cycle too..Gotta have that clean air. This desert dirt gets into every tiny crevace.

& You did this On Your OWN??
i'm impressed.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Your new blog header is so cute and colorful.

Isn't it going to look and feel wonderful when you get everything changed around and put into its new places. It's great that you had the energy to get so much done.

I always find that when I make to- do lists, my imagination has a lot more energy than my body does to to complete all of the things on my list; but there's nothing wrong with having more than one shot at finishing off the list. It's still progress.

Denise said...

Congrats on all that energy My friend.I just don't think I can move all My heavy things around but at least I should try to move around the light things.Maybe your thoughts on it can motivate Me.

Sew Blessed Maw said...

So proud you got this done.. And went and rested.. Hope to day was just as good..Enjoy your self , but, don't over do...
Love your new page.. so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your new look! It does feel good to "moving it all around" sometimes! I cleaned carpet yesterday... today I am resting! It was a lot just like what you did and we will just take what rest we need and then Hit It again! :)
Lily, WA, USA

marie said...

Love the new blog header's very you!

Ah housekeeping. So often one job leads to another and another....

How sweet that your grandson noticed all your hard work!

Marqueta Graham said...

Dear Shelley,

Springtime brings out that desire to start over fresh, doesn't it? May you have strength to finish what you started! I must confess that I start many projects with great plans, and end up abandoning them after exhausting myself. :)



Anonymous said...

I had to leave another comment today to say how much I love your new header! It gave me a very nice warm feeling and a smile on what it a difficult day in my heart. Thank you!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Such a beautiful and cheery blog header. You certainly are a busy lady with all your spring cleaning. I keep avoiding the lower level of our house and all the overflowing toys. Time to do some weeding inside the house again. Best wishes with the reorganizing.