May 22, 2013

Safe and Blessed

How often I would have gathered together your children ,even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings. Matt. 23:37 in part

It was a very strong storm that passed through my neck of the woods last evening. High winds, thunder,lighting...the whole shebang,but all is well this morning here on Red Rock Hill! I spent most of my evening watching the weather and humming Sheltered in the Arms of God! When things calmed down a bit I went to bed! I haven't checked the news to see if any damage was done,but I pray there wasn't. We did gets lots of rain,which was a good thing indeed!

So this morning I am having coffee,and counting my blessings..........


Family......Vivian and Jaxon....Oh my, they didn't stay babies long!

Such a sweet Jax



Brothers and Sisters in the Lord!

Coffee in the morning,but tea in the afternoon   :)

I could go on and on,but I won't for your sake,....I am blessed,but thanks for indulging me as I count my blessings  :)

You too,are a blessing to me!


Debbie Jones said...

Glad you are safe. We all have much to be grateful for. Thanks for this timely reminder of all the simple and good blessings in life.

Mrs. G said...

Shelly, I've been counting my blessings, the last couple of days, as well. Living in Oklahoma you learn to take one day at a time and take nothing for granted.

Grace & Peace,

Anonymous said...

Amen! Thank God you are safe. And even when sufferings come, we are in God's hands.

Anonymous said...

So good to know you are safe and sound! so glad :) Storms of any kind, always reminds us that He has blessed us abundantly indeed! m.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Shelley, it's easy to see in the faces of your dear family that you are very blessed! So glad you weathered the storm safely. Twyla

kare said...

Thank You for being a blessing to all of us here Shelley!

We Thank God For You.

Marqueta Graham said...

Dear Shelley,

I am glad you were safe from the storm! I was thinking about you and wondering how you were. Counting our blessings is just the thing after a scary experience.



p.s. I love the photos of your family; they speak of great love.

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

You are truly blessed. I know I've done the same these past few days....thanking the good Lord for my blessings and for His protection. :)


marie said...

Shelley...I love that black and white photo of your family!! What a great looking group!