Jul 23, 2013

Needle and Yarn ...........


I haven't crocheted in a while. I prefer crocheting in the cold weather months,but I find myself needing some yarn and a needle in hand. Most often what I create is simple,can't do the fancy work! Its a wonderful pass time...good for the body,and soul! Below is some pictures of different projects from the past. A few I have laid aside and haven't picked back up yet to finish. Right now, I am thinking I will get to work on some new washcloths/dishcloths...they work good both ways  :)  They are a good crochet project for the summer.
Not so much yarn laid up across your lap,but in the winter,that's a very good thing  :)

I thought the picture at the top (found on Google) to be pretty amusing! What do you think?

Crocheting a bathmat from a vintage sheet


More hearts

Blanket for a new baby in our church

 Jalyn, a few years ago,trying her hand at crocheting.

One of my biggest project...it covers my full size bed.

Its bright red,cornmeal yellow,and melon green

These are more the true colors in it.

Blanket for Baby Jaxon

Duke's blanket

Doll crib set


Christmas ornaments and dishcloths

I loved this colorful afghan I crocheted. It was a gift for someone.
So, do any of you girls crochet or knit?  


Twyla and Lindsey said...

It was so fun seeing all your crochet projects! I agree, it is good for your body and soul. I find it very soothing. The picture of sweet Duke in his blanket made me tear up. So sweet. I have had to lay aside the afghans I was working on too because of the heat. Twyla

Angela said...

I used to as a child...and want to start back up...still have my grandmother's hooks..she was quite the crochet lady..she did some knitting but sure did crochet A LOT so did my mother...

marie said...

I want to learn to crochet...too bad I don't live nearby. I'd invite myself over for a lesson! About that first photo....whoa! That's a lot of stitching!!

Terra said...

It would be so fun to knit or crochet, one day I might learn. Your photos show lots of beautiful and useful projects.

Sew Blessed Maw said...

What beautiful things you have made. I love, love the one you did for your bed.. The colors are great.
And I loved Jayln's photo.. She is intently doing it. so cute.
I tried to crochet years ago, and I couldn't ever accomplish nothing, I would work for hours, and you couldn't tell, I had done any. lol [some one told me, my stitches were too tight???] I just gave up on it.lol

Peggy said...

That is one crazy room. I wonder if someone could really live in it. I learned to crochet the beginning of 2012. I've made just a few small blankets and dish cloths. I can only manage simple stiches but I love the feel of it and how relaxing it is. You sure make some beautiful things Shelley!

janice15 said...

Your crocheting is great Shelley.. I love your colorful blanket too.. love the dishcloths I made a couple recently but I haven't used them yet.. I enjoyed my visit.. Happy Thursday with love Janice

Denise said...

I do both Shelley and I have been feeling the same as You :) I too do needle craft only in the winter.I have been wanting to get those hooks and needles in My hands too.Good idea-washcloths.That photo is really fun to look at and yes very amusing.Can You imagine what Our kids would say if they walked into that.They would lock Us up.

DollZandThingZ said...

Love the photo you posted! I like to crochet in the winter, too, though the past few winters I have been too busy with other projects. Find it very relaxing, too! One of our favorite winter time items is a crocheted afghan made by a dear friend. How sweet...Duke in his blanket. I love crochet that is practical and you seem to like it as well!