Aug 31, 2013

Rambling Rose


I haven't been away from the house all week except for one outing with my daughter Kathy and little grandson ,Jaxon, last Tuesday. Which I enjoyed very much. Kathy is an RN and works so much...she and I don't get to be together a lot so when we get the chance I am always a happy mama  :)
 To tell the truth, the weather has been horriblly hot with 100 degrees on the thermometer everyday this week, its truly been to hot to venture out at all. I have been about to burn up all week....inside the house even,with the old window AC giving all its got to keep my home partly cool. The little AC in the bedroom died a few weeks ago. So I guess I will be buying at least one new one before next summer. As much as I admire the Amish , the heat is one thing that would truly hinder me from living without electricity....I think everything else would be a breeze  :)  I sit on my porch a few days a week, later in the day when the sun starts going down and water what little bit of grass is left..a few potted plants and my Mexican Petunias,which are the easiest flower I have ever tried growing. I love them! They grow straight up tall and bloom purple petunias each morning...drop them by nightfall and blooms a whole new bunch of them the next morning. I mean to try and get someone to help me transplant some of these to other places around the yard. If I can't grow anything else ...these are doing lovely, I'll grow them. Maybe I can grow a yard full of them :)

Last summer

In the spring.
I don't have a recent picture ,but by now they are much higher than my angels head and very full. I think they will be good for transplanting. Now I am waiting for my mums, in the picture below, to start orangey gold color...just right for autumn. Autumn is my favorite season...I do believe!

While I am rambling..

I have a new doll...she is only 6 inches ...she is wood and cloth...very much like Hitty.
I think she is going to lose her wig. She doesn't have her own name yet,but she will soon :)
I will share more about her in a later post.

I hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend. Those of you in the workforce,I know are so happy to have that extra day at home.  I pray your Lord's Day is beautiful.  Blessings, Shelley


Deb said...

Like you, I don't get to spend time with my daughters often, but when I do, it is a very special treat! I am sure not a fan of the heat either. It has been hot and humid here in Arizona this week, with just a bit of a cool down and some rain which was nice. Hope we both get cooler weather soon. Have a peaceful Sunday.

janice15 said...

Shelley I hadn't been out either been so consumed with Mom but yesterday I finally got to go somewhere after a month just about.. It was a wonderful day..we had some sticky hot weather which I don't like at all.. Happy Sunday with love Janice enjoy your day.. I love Autumn too..

Anonymous said...

The heat is hard...I know. But after awhile, you do become accustomed to it. I saw my first a/c when I moved to the U.S. ;D m.

Raymond Homestead said...

I'm afraid I would simply be a bear without air conditioning.

Earlene Landis said...

Morning Shelley...we are roasting here too and have had our air c on all week but I think today is the last day of it. Love love your plant that does so well.
Enjoyed your post this morning.
Blessings to you this Sunday.

Mrs. G said...

Yes, it's been very hot here in NE Oklahoma, as well. We've had such a mild summer and after the past three years of drought conditions, I'll not complain too loudly about the last week of temps hovering around 100*. I will be happy when fall arrives ,though.

I love your Mexican Petunias. I think I will look for some, to plant in my yard.

Have a blessed Sunday afternoon and stay cool.

Grace & Peace

Peggy said...

Those are pretty flowers, don't know that I've ever seen those before. I'm with you on the heat. Much too hot to do much of anything! Hope it cools down soon and that we get some much needed rain. Have a great week.

Marqueta G. said...

Dear Shelley,

I love my Mexican petunia, too! This is the first time I planted one, and the hummingbirds and bumble bees just love it. The heat can just sap your strength, can't it? I think I've been in partial hibernation through our heat spell. I hope it ends soon!

Hitty is a beautiful girl, and I'm sure she'll feel right at home.