Sep 4, 2013

September Musings

Hope you all are having a lovely week. How was your Labor Day? My son cooked out at his home and invited me over. He cooked a wonderful meal and it was a great day of just sitting,talking and visiting with one another. My youngest son was there too,with his sweet girlfriend. My two daughters and their families were doing other things that day. I am happy for September to be on the calender....hopefully the weather will be changing soon, getting more cool and crisp.  My yard and property is covered already with fallen leaves,but mostly because of the very dry weather we have had over the summer. I do see a hint of color in other leaves still on the trees....signs of the coming season of Autumn. One of my favorite seasons of all! It is getting just a bit cooler early in the mornings, cool enough to enjoy sitting on the porch for a little while watching the birds feed, listening to the church bells playing across town,and the high school band practicing out on the football field. I hear the bass drum and think only a few years ago my youngest son was there too practicing on that very same drum,and banging louder than any other I have ever heard since :) Now,he is a Marine Reserve,living out on his own. As they say...time does fly, and children do grow fast...oh, so fast... indeed! I had my little grandson Jaxon here with me yesterday, we went out into the yard early in the morning to water. He helped me pick up a few things from off the ground, then we went over near the fence to Duke's grave and hosed off all the dirt and put a little fence around it. Jaxon was so full of questions...he didn't understand why Duke was in the ground. He kept asking me,but where is the real Duke? Little ones are so sweet and innocent....I wish we all could remain so...what a wonderful world it would be.

Except ye be converted, and become as little children ye shall not enter.....Matt. 18:3

We all can learn so much from the little children,they are so loving,so forgiving..they hold no hatred in their sweet little hearts...they get upset a bit with one another,then seconds later...all is well and they are the best of friends once again  :)   We have all seen it over and over...why do we not learn?

So all other months,this month of September too, will likely fly right by before we can even blink an to speak. Best to savor each and everyday,some good ,some not so good, cherish them all just the same, for this September shall never pass this way again.......blessings, Shelley


susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

You are so right, "this September will never pass this way again". For me, it is a very nostalgic time of year. Your picture from the cover of the Good Housekeeping magazine illustrates that nostalgia perfectly.

Even though school around here now starts in August, when September rolls around, I still always feel that little twinge of emotion about letting go of summer, mixed with the excitement of the possibility of new beginnings. I am not sure if it is just nature, or all of those years of back to school time in September.

Jaxson's conversation with you about your sweet dog made me get a little misty.

I am happy that you had such a wonderful day with your sons and family!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It's nice to think about the month ahead and try to enjoy each and every moment. I know you love having your family close by. I sure miss mine! Sweet hugs my friend!