Nov 16, 2013

Good News

I am not trying to rush Christmas...oh no! But we had a very unseasonal day today...high 70's-low 80's! So my kind young lady that is helping with my housekeeping and such... worked very hard to get my catch all space cleaned and then helped me sort through my Christmas decorations. I have been sorting through them for the last few years, weeding my stash. Which is what we did today...I have maybe two tubs of Christmas now. It feels wonderful to have made such an accomplishment as this. The help I am getting is wonderful...I still keep up, as I am able with housekeeping, and she steps up to do the rest. This young lady does such a wonderful job...I would think I trained her myself ,as a matter of fact I did!  She is my dear sweet neighbor daughter, Regina :)  Regina has always helped me out as she could, only now she is getting some pay to help her and her family out. Which makes me feel alot better about the situation myself. Its a service paid because of my disability. I just thank the Lord that's its available,and we are both getting blessed because of it. She was here another day this week and helped me go through all my kitchen cabinets. We came up with a whole box of dishes,etc to give to someone in need of some.

I felt terrible the first part of the week. For a couple of days.. I could just barely walk, but I am feeling much better now...thank the Good Lord.  I received a box of goodies from another blogging friend. She knows I am always weeding and asked if she could send me a few things...I answered yes, because I have been so good to pack so many" to go boxes ", ( meaning ) boxes of stuff to go out of my house :)  I love what she sent and will take some pictures soon. Now,I have to be good and mail off a box this week to someone else. I rather enjoy this system I have set up for myself :) When things come in...things must go out!

Tomorrow is the Lord's day again....we started a short revival tonight with a great speaker. He will be speaking for us tomorrow AM and PM services as well. I plan to enjoy myself, be encouraged and revived in spirit to go and tell others the Good News that Jesus saves.

Blessings to all, Shelley


Anonymous said...

Hello Shelley
I've been reading your blog for a little while now and this post really resonated with me. My husband is registered disabled and I have osteoarthritis becoming apparent in my spine,hips,knees,neck and shoulders. I have been thinking lately about whether or not we can afford to have some help in the home - cleaning floors is the most difficult chore. We would have to budget carefully to pay for help, but we do have a young woman at church who has offered to help. She is called Louisa (the same name as our own daughter!) and although I believe Louisa offered her help voluntarily, we know that she doesn't earn much in her present job and that the extra we would pay her would help a lot. But the thing is - it goes against the grain to have to pay someone else to do the work that I could do only five years ago! Is it pride, do you think? I keep telling myself that I'm only 54, but sometimes my body seems to tell me that I must be at least 20 years older! :(
Your post today has got me thinking about accepting help again (albeit paid help).
Kate, England.
P.S. Am enjoying reading your blog very much.

Simply Shelley said...

My dear Kate, I so understand what you are saying. I am just 54 as well,and it was so hard to make myself understand that I really needed help in taking care of my home properly. I have always been one to want to help others, rather than being on the receiving end myself, but I realized there comes a time and if God provides the means than who am I too stand in his way. Best to be thankful and say... so be it Lord :) And so brings a blessing to someone this case , my very own daughter :) I pray you get the help you need. Cleaning floors are my most difficult job as well, and changing my the on and so on,but I am thankful for the things I can still manage on my very nice to meet you.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Shelly, I am so thankful that the Lord has supplied your need, and allowed you to have this girl help you with your cleaning. My mom has this help too.[has been such a needed blessing- she is now in a wheelchair and requires full time help.. she lives with my sister now]
You are such a sweet person, I thank God for allowing me to find your blog. YOu are so encouraging. God bless and enjoy your revival.

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

How nice for you and Regina!

Come see my post about the store I visited. It gave me my Christmas fix until I can decorate here! ♥

Blessed Serendipity said...

How wonderful that you are able to help out a young woman as she is able to help you at the same time - what a blessing to you both! I hope you are enjoying your Sunday Shelley. The weather has been sunny and nice here too but I know the cooler weather is sneaking in.

xo Danielle

Raymond Homestead said...

Glad you are having help and in return her as well. I think that's wise to part with something when we bring something new in. We should all do that!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You always have such a generous nature and good heart. And you always inspire me to try to do better. Have a good week my friend. Sweet hugs, Diane

Peggy said...

That sounds like a great set up for you and your daughter. I'm glad you're able to do so well with your weeding. I need to get after it again!