Nov 12, 2013

What goes around...........

This is the picture hanging to the left, its a vintage greeting card.

While looking around on Pinterest...I came across a board called " Remember When "
Well, on the board was a pin of old wood paneling...asking.....Remember when homes had wood paneling on the walls? You reckon, that will come back in style since the colors of the late 60's and early 70's are so popular at this time? Many of you know I live in an old 1969 mobile home, with its original wood paneled walls  :) I wouldn't be one bit surprised if some folks don't start paneling their walls once again .  Like they say...What goes around comes around!

Of couse....I have my own " Make Do "  style.....I use what I have!  

Remember When?

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I wanted to show you this sweet little Dutch girl doll Mr Trading Post man gave me. He knows I love dolls,and he knows I am on a low income , so he sometimes just says ... "take it home" when I ask the price. Isn't that kind of him? He is also a friend of mine. The little postcard beside her has an embroidered dress and apron. He gave it too me as well...there are two of them actually.

Better look see...she has the sweetest face, doesn't she?
Keeping the grandkids toys in a vintage gym basket.

Thank you for stopping by today....blessings to you all


Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Is that a garden gate on your wall? cute!

I've wondered that about the paneling, too! Some of the younger ladies are going ga-ga over avocado green now so we'll, see!

Well, God bless that man for being so kind to you! ♥

Peggy said...

That doll is so sweet and the postcard adds the perfect touch. I just wish our bodies would come back around like all the old stuff we loved. Ha!

annie said...

Seeing these things just makes me think of my Mom, she loved it when paneling came into being, no more having to paint the walls, plus it looked like wood, and she loved that. The little doll is precious.

AuntLou said...

What a little cutie, your doll is!
I started to grin when I read your post. Perhaps your home will be considered the height of fashion. :)

DollZandThingZ said...

Lots of color in your post today! Wouldn't be surprised at all about paneling!

Denise said...

Thank You For stopping by :)I love the little white gate on Your wall.I just found Myself I tiny "fake window" but Your gate is perfect.Of course I also enjoyed all Your special goodies-Denise