Dec 6, 2013

Christmas and Children... Reminisce

My " Keepsakes Christmas Tree "  filled with Christmas memories of my children coming home from school,excited about school parties,Christmas cookies,and so proud of some little handmade ornament to hang on our tree. Other ornaments bought over the years,to commemorate a year a child was born,etc. Even others given by family members or friends...just because. These are the ones that hang on my tree this year!  Toys under the tree..loved and worn over the years,cherished by a little one...left behind for me to reminisce of when those little ones were at my feet, tugging on my skirt ..little voices calling mama.....mama! still have your mama's matter how old you grow....all my heart!
You were my little strong one, my little man....always there when mama needed you. You grew up strong and so many ways.

 Oh,if that "Little Foot" stuffed dinosaur could only talk...he would tell you some stories of a little boy named J.W. who loved him better than any little boy could ever love a toy. Oh, how I miss that rowdy, wild little boy....he sure kept me on my toes. To think you are now a U.S. Marine.  He reminds me often when I still try and warn him of the danger that a gun can be :)  Mama..I have been trained as a U.S. Marine!

Regina, my eldest...who stuck to her mama like glue. Still close neighbor daughter. What memories I cherish of you. You taught a young girl what it was to be a mother.

Then there is my baby girl ,Kathryne nursed your teddies and dollies back to health....who knew you would grow up and nurse people. You did it...all by yourself. I pray you know just how very proud this mama is of you. You fulfilled the dream I once carried for myself.

 Oh, what treasures memories are. I hold then near and dear in my heart...always. I shall always be grateful to God for the blessing of my children! Those I birthed,and one born of my heart.

And now.......
Always in my heart!


marie said...

Oh my...I love this sweet post Shelley!! How dear to have such precious memories, and to see your sweet little ones grow to men and women you are obviously so proud of!! Thank you for sharing your dear family with us!!

AuntLou said...

OK, you nearly had me in tears! This is sweet and I enjoyed it very much. :)

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Shelly, I had to wipe the tears from my eyes ,as I read this post. Oh what wonderful memories you shared with your tree and your children.
I so miss my babies [who are now 37 and 41.
God bless you and them.. Pray you all have a blessed and Merry Christmas.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

What a beautiful heart-felt post! You've got me starting to get teary, in a good way.

Your tree is very pretty and so full of memories.

Never Forsaken said...

This is so sweet!
Blessings~ Lisa

Denise said...

This really did make Me want to cry,I had to stop myself.A brave woman You are to surround Yourself at Christmas with those cherished precious memories.I would spend every day in tears if I did that.How sweet those times were for Us.I do miss them and thank God He gave them to Me.I think about those years almost daily,it never stops and I'm 61..... looking forward to My eternal home and praying daily that not one will be missing from My side at the throne.Merry Christmas-Denise

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

How precious to still have their childhood ornaments! I wish I still had my older boys' ornaments... When we became "amish", we threw all our Christmas things away because they were considered worldly. I even got rid of some of my own childhood ornaments. :( I'm glad I had a few years with my youngest to let him experience the joy of Christmas before he got too old. He didn't have a Christmas tree until he was 10 years old. THAT was a fun year for us!

PS- did you get my e mail?

Marqueta G. said...

Dear Shelley,

Thank you for sharing your sweet ornaments with us! My tree is also filled with special treasures, instead of pricey trendy ones.