Dec 8, 2013

Second Advent Sunday

He is our hope,his love for us is like none other...two candles lit.
If there were no money for presents ,under the tree.
No mistletoe hanging,no wreath,no singing
No turkey on the table,no guest sitting in your chairs.
Tell,me...would there still be Christmas anywhere?
No parties for folly,no tree ,nor holly.
Would there still be Christmas in your home,would you still feel jolly?
So if there were none of that...those things I mentioned above,
And all there was...was, God with us
Would he, would Jesus be enough?
I say Yes....Immanuel, God with us....
Yes, O yes ...So much more, than just enough!
I say rejoice... Church Rejoice...for Immanuel,
Has come to thee O Israel.  SB Dec. 2013



AuntLou said...

Amen! and more than enough! :)

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

What a wonderful Savior we serve. Thank you for sharing.