Dec 21, 2013

Let there always be a CHRISTmas

Among the many isles of Christmas decorations at, Walmart that gigantic SuperCenter that is becoming more and more one of my most unfavoured places to shop....I looked and looked to see if any sign of Christ was to be found. There were stockings,bells,balls,bows,glitz and glitter, and the like,but where was the Christ child of Christmas? Santa's, reindeer, Rudolf, bags,wrapping paper, fake snow, candy canes, and blinking lights,but where was the Nativity of Christ? I begin to shake my head in disgust of the situation. Shouldn't that representation of CHRISTmas be out front and foremost...before all the afore said...glitz and glitter of the  " holiday " ?  Not.. that I think there's anything wrong with all those things afore mentioned. I too enjoy all the fun,the beauty of the lights,the decoration, as long as they don't suffocate out the true meaning of Christmas ...which is and always shall be....Christ....Immanuel...God with us! As I continued my search...I begin to feel as if I too were one of the wise, on the search for the Christ child, the King of Kings...for the true meaning of Christmas! Was it to be found anywhere among this huge SuperCenter.. filled to the brim with so much stuff, " needed things ",but what,or who is more needed at Christmas,than Christ? When I was just about to give up,and leave with a feeling of forlorness...then....there I spotted it, a small ,very simple,very common Nativity. Not many,only a few were there, on the bottom shelf...pushed way back. I reached for one,held it in my hands and just looked at it, admired it for a time. I found were here...I just had to search for you. As I set it back on the shelf and started on my way...I thought to seems to me each year.....they are leaving Christ out of Christmas more and more. I am truly not surprised to that fact....hasn't he been removed from so much already? Our schools for the most did that happen anyway? I do know,but could the opinion and voice of one over ride so many more? Even here in my own very little town, for the first time in 21 years since I have lived here...there's no Mary,Joseph,or baby Jesus in our town's display. I went to the City Hall to protest...wheres our Nativity? Their answer was... it was to old...beyond repair,but was that answer ..just another excuse for omitting Christ from Christmas...once again? I offered to loan my own,and was promised a return call, after a meeting was to be held with the Chamber of Commerce,really... a meeting had to held just to get a answer from them. I am not expecting to get that call.

May...there never be a Christ-less Christmas....May Christmas never became..just another " Holiday"

Its time we as the Church...his Church...take hold of Christ, and hang on tight,yet share Christ..with any and all that will listen,that God is with us,and can be in!

Blessings dear friends ...may you find Christ in your Christmas...always


Angela Rich said...

What a blessing to read. Thank you Shelley for sharing Christ with us all.

Denise said...

So well spoken Shelley..... and We will celebrate for all eternity.See You there :)

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

So well said. Merry Christmas.

Loretta said...

Dear Shelley; how very true and right your post is. I have noticed this too. For years we had a beautiful handmade life size Nativity scene in our department store window in downtown Vancouver. Last year it was missing for the first time. By fluke I found out where it now is; in a church on display but department stores want none of it. It's so sad I am crying. But no one will ever get rid of the Christ child. He is here to stay and one day all crowns will be cast at His feet. Oh for that day to come! Thank you for posting this.

DollZandThingZ said...

There are nativities here everywhere in our town here in New England mostly on church lawns but many people have them lighted in their yard, too. I live in an ethnically diverse town and Three Kings Day will be celebrated as well as the Epiphany.

People these days do tend to separate the secular and religious...but you know what?

The only nativity that counts is the one in the heart! Merry Christmas, Shelley, and do not fret! Your heart is in the right place.