Apr 21, 2014

Birds...Blooms and words

I have grown a fond attraction to birds over the last year or two. While I have always admired them,and loved their songs,my interest in them has really heighten. I want to learn more about the different species,their calls and characteristics etc. ,how I may attract them to my yard and so fourth.
Yesterday,I heard a cry and looked at the window...I saw my neighbor daughter running toward my home after something. The look on her face told me she was very much frustrated. I went out on the porch and she came from behind my house with a beautiful dead bluebird in the palm of her hand. Miss Kitty had jumped up and snatched it from the bird feeder. She and I both have been working to bring the birds to us,and this was so disappointing,but its to be expected when you have cats, I guess!
 While I just have two kitties...my neighbor daughter has over 10. We will be trying to put the feeders up higher this week!

I purchased this copy of Birds and Bloom over the weekend. I am thinking of subscribing to this magazine...for only $7.00 for the year...that's a great deal. Go here if you are interested.

And here you can find Birds and Bloom on Pinterest.

Plants are another thing of nature and God's creation I have a desire to learn more about. Gardening, flowerbeds,houseplants...even wild edibles...weeds...you can eat  :)

Poke weed, or Poke Salad as I call it.


A picture of my houseplants from last summer, they have grown much...I will show you soon. I am just happy to have kept them alive :)

Flowers once from a friends garden.....always a precious gift.

Tasha Tudor's home and garden....what an inspiration.
My family and I had a wonderfully blessed Easter....I pray you did too...

Little Birdie Blessings

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Mrs. G said...

Oh no!!! Bad kitty! I love birds, too, and have three barn cats. Every once in a while they catch a bird and it breaks my heart. Lovely post, as always, Shelley.

Grace & Peace.

Peggy said...

I love watching the birds too. I don't have cats around but the squirrels love to aggitate! My mom used to subscribe to the Birds and Blooms. I always enjoyed looking through them when I would visit. They used to be a good quality magazine without many ads and lots of beautiful pictures. I'm sure they still are. Enjoy whatever you do this week!

AuntLou said...

:) Years ago, my father wanted to put a bird feeder in our backyard. He had at least two in his, then. We had a cat. I said, "No. I don't think that would be fair." Ah, well.

Denise said...

What a beautiful post Shelly. Same thing has been happening to Me in the last few years.I was going to start getting that magazine too.Just one more thing We have in common :)

Marqueta G. said...

Dear Shelley,

Oh, the poor bluebird! Our cat got a grackle the other day and injured its wing. I had to chase it all through the woods to catch it and put it in a cage, hoping it would recover. Sadly, it didn't.

I forget how much ahead of us you are in your growing season! Our poke hasn't even poked its head up yet. We sure have been enjoying eating dandelions, though.



p.s. Birds and Blooms is a great magazine!

Sharon said...

I'm a little behind looking at your posts. I've missed out! Always beautiful and inspiring.
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DollZandThingZ said...

Birdwatcher here, too. We don't see many bluebirds in our area but I saw one a few weeks ago in the Litchfield Hills.

We do have hawks though and have changed our bird feeders to the caged varieties that the birds can get in to eat and not be taken. Still, nature is nature and things happen.

Happy birding! xx

Never Forsaken said...

Beautiful pictures of your plants and flowers...I too love the birds and am trying to learn more.
There is not a room in my home that does not have birds adorning it!
I hand painted a cardinal on a card for my husband for our anniversary..
I decided I wanted to learn how to paint other birds as well, a subscription to birds and blooms might be a good way to do that...thanks for the link.
God bless~ Lisa