Apr 28, 2014

Chit Chat...this and that

I went through a half day of testing on my heart last Friday. The nurse called this morning and said all was normal. I am praising God for those results as I know it is his work in me. Although I suffer daily with terrible pain from the arthritis,and fibromyalgia...God continues to bless me with good test results in other vita areas of my body. My blood pressure has even been amazing the doctor. He commented that it was almost too good.....hum, I didn't know that was possible :)  So, I now know all the huffing, puffing and feeling sick to my stomach while out trying to shop or even just walking from one place to the other is stress from all this weight I carry. I still know that isn't a good thing and yes,it stresses my heart, yet my heart is strong and hopefully won't fail me anytime soon. I pray some of the weight will come off after the bariatric surgery and then I can have surgery to replace my knees. That's the plan...God willing. I just want to be a healthy vessel for God to work through. I now know he has a plan for my future, which doesn't include being confined to my bed or a wheelchair.


Picked up some more plants recently,and the cute " Miss Mouse " to the right is a string holder....she is supposed to have a little pair of scissors for her eye glasses. I liked her colors....retro...right? The string ball fits through the back and comes through the front through a little hold in the top of her bag. I am about to re-pot this Kalanchoe...I love these plants....they come in all different colors. I got my daughter Regina a yellow one for her recent birthday.

I really like this page below from pinterest...I believe it was! I weeded through my own books again last week. I took away about 30...sized them down quite a bit! I won't be buying anymore for sometime. I have many good books to read now,thanks to my daughter and some wonderful blogging friends who sent me some lovely books. Thanks again ladies...you know who you are :) I would make some changes to the below arrangement,but I still like the style very much.

And this is from my kitchen .......

Regina and I stopped at one of our favorite sales after the doctor's visit on Friday. It was the Spring sale of the Salvations Army Ladies Axillary. Between us we spent under four dollars. I only got a few things,and will share them in another post. I wasn't fit much for looking or shopping after all those test,but it was fun to stop by,and I ran into a friend while I was there, I had a chance to say hi,and see her sweet baby girl again. I hope you all have a lovely week....until next time....blessings


Terra said...

I hope your upcoming surgery is a lovely success, and I admire your positive attitude of aiming for improved health, and following Christ's lead. I like your little string holder guy and the colorful plants.

Mrs. G said...

Shelley, I am glad to hear your test came back normal. I would like to ask some questions about your upcoming surgery. Would you email me at pmcr63@gmail.com with your email address, pretty please.

Love the little Miss Mouse and all the plants.

Grace & Peace.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Shelly, I thank God for the fantastic test results.. I am praying for your surgery and that God bless you all along the way. Have you gotten a surgery date set yet?
Love your book area, so pretty, You are such a talented lady...Hugs.

Blessed Serendipity said...

I am glad to hear that the Doctor is pleased with your tests. I hope that your pain can be lessened. Your mouse string holder is very cute. It reminds me of a little pencil holder I had when I was little.

blessings XO

Earlene L. said...

When are you having the surgery?
I will be thinking about you.
Great news your other tests were good. An assistant at work had that done and doesn't know why she did not get it sooner and she is back to work and doing great.

Teri said...

Dear Shelley ... such a blessing that your tests turned out so well. I pray that all goes well with your upcoming surgery! I always love your visits to my little space. Thank you! Hugs ♥ Teri

DollZandThingZ said...

Glad that you are as healthy as you are! Good news and very good if you are contemplating surgery.

That Kalanchoe is just the best color! I love them, too, but they don't do well in our dark home. Once again you have put things together so nicely...and retro, too!

You have good week, too!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm keeping you in my prayers my friend. It sounds like you are strong enough to benefit from the surgery. I hope all goes well. (I have a dollie post for tomorrow if you get a chance to come by to play) hugs, Diane