May 7, 2014

Blue Willow

To Janey Larkin, the blue willow plate was the most beautiful thing in her life, a symbol of the home she could only dimly remember. Now that her father was an itinerant worker, Janey didn't have a home she could call her own or any real friends, as her family had to keep moving, following the crops from farm to farm. Someday, Janey promised the willow plate, with its picture of a real house, her family would once again be able to set down roots in a community. The book can be found here, to purchase if you wish.

Have you ever read the story Of the Blue Willow plate ? When I was in grade school my teacher read this to our class,and I was so taken by it. I connected with the little girl in the book. Our lives were in ways similar,but very different too! My family, as hers were constantly on the move. I was never able to develop lasting friendships and don't really have a home I can call my childhood home because we lived in so many different places. My family wasn't as poor as the family in the book,but as a family we faced some big struggles. 
Of course,there is a story itself within the blue willow plate that you can find here.

I have had my own Blue Willow dishes for about 15 years now. While I love many different patterns of dishes,these are my favorites and I won't be changing for others any time soon :)  Some things one just never grows tired of. Not my Blue Willows anyway!

A much younger Jaxon taking his tea out of one of my tea cup saucers.....My cup runnneth over!

They are even pretty while soaking in a dishpan!

So do you have a favorite dish pattern?  If you haven't read the might enjoy it. It isn't very long and won't take but a few sittings to read. Hope your day is lovely. Blessings ,Shelley


Serenata said...

I love Blue Willow crockery as well and have a few pieces, but not a complete set...perhaps one day! I will look up that story, it sounds good.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I've never read that book but I would love to now. Your china is beautiful my friend! Enjoy your week and your sweet little companion, too! Sweet hugs, Diane

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

That is a beautiful set of dishes that you have!

I read the story of the Blue Willow pattern when I was in grade school on some type of cards that they had for us to read from if we got our other work done quickly. Loved the story then, just now read it again and still love it.

I have only two or three random Blue Willow dishes. Two of them hang on the wall. That shade of blue and white also works with my blue and white Delft.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...
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AuntLou said...

Yep! I like that book and the blue willow pattern. I have the book and the blue willow dishes. I don't need a whole set, but I do have plates, cups and saucers. A few years ago they were available at the grocery store. My mother bought some for me and I bought a few for myself. :)

marie said...

I've never heard of this little story...I want to look it up now! I have a favorite! Blue Ridge Pottery!! There are many different floral variations. The set we have belonged to my husband's grandmother. It's yellow and burgundy red flowers on a a white background. I've given it to my youngest daughter to use. I think she loves it even more than I do!

Loretta said...

Dear Shelley; here is another thing we have in common! I LOVED reading this story when I was around 11 years old. I found it at my local library. Sometimes we went there together as a family. I would have visited once a week if we could. I should blog about that library as it has architectural heritage here in Vancouver BC. I loved the pictures in the original book. And I love the blue willow dish pattern, and have inherited my maternal Grandma's blue willow dish set which I use on special occasions.