May 9, 2014

My Blessings of Motherhood

We were needing a good rain and we got it yesterday....everything was getting thirsty ...even the grass. I went out on the porch to feed the dog and cats this morning,and took a look about the yard....looks like everything had its fill of water. After our horribly hot and dry summer in 2011, I am always concerned as to if one like that may come again. So many trees and other living things died that was terrible...I think we had like two months straight of more than 100 temps each day with no rain. I am praying that this summer will be mild with plenty of good rainy days. Guess,we will have to wait and see what will be! I wanted to take time today and wish all you mothers a very nice Mother's Day. I have no plans for the weekend,except church on Sunday. My granddaughter Jalyn did ask to spend the night so a sleep over may be in store  :)
So,do you have plans for a big weekend? My weekends are so different from once upon a time. Now days most all my days,except for Sundays are spent just about the same. I do feel there are changes coming up in my future, maybe a few years off,but changes all the same. I don't know exactly what those changes are going to be ,but I do know they will be great.....just a little foresight in my spirit. God is working to bring those changes to pass. I am kinda excited about that!

 Forgive me for all....the pictures. I know I got carried away with them,but although it's  " Mother's Day "   I celebrate my children....Motherhood is one of my most precious blessings I have had in my life! I give God the glory for the privilege of raising my children...they continue to be a blessing. I confess, I was not the perfect mother,and I really don't believe there is such a one. By God's grace I managed to see them each grown into the men and women they are today. I made my mistakes as a mother...believe me...many! Though we were poor and my children had much less than some...I would have only changed a few hurtful things in the past for my children. Being  "Poor "  isn't one of those things because,I think having less made my children more of the men and women they are today.

Mama's girls

Kathryne Rose....the Nurse

My Kiddos

Rowdy boys



My baby ...Johnny....the Marine

Blessings to you.....for those of you who do not have children,but prayed to become a mother.....may my God bless you abundantly with grace and mercy...fill your heart with love to seek out,and mother the motherless. My last child Johnny is a child born of my heart,not my body...his birth mother ,my niece ...for reasons I can't confirm...chose not to mother him. I on the other hand ,was so blessed to raise him and be his mother. My heart goes out to every motherless child and every childless women with a heart to mother....may God bless them.


marie said...

Such a sweet post Shelley...filed with lovely photos. I LOVE seeing all the photos you share! I pray that all your days (whether the be the same or not) are filled with joy!
I pray many of the days this summer are filled with rain...and I wish you a very happy Mother's Day!!

AuntLou said...


susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

You have a beautiful family!

Have a great mother's Day

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You have a sweet family and they are a blessing to you. We both have so much to be thankful for this year. Happy Mother's day my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

PS Don't click on the link in the comment above mine. It's SPAM and needs to be deleted! They have really been bad this week on my blog, too! HUGS!!!

Mrs. G said...

Your pictures make me smile. Such a wonderful family. I especially like the pic of the two boys in the cowboy hats. That is frame worthy, for sure!

Happy Mother's Day, sweet Shelley.

Grace & Peace.

Denise said...

Although I am much older than You,I do have much in common with You little Sis.The Love of Christ and Our children,even those not born of Our own bodies(My two oldest.Enjoyed the photos and Your words.Love Denise