Aug 15, 2014

Reborn Babies

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Have you ever heard of reborning a doll? When I first read the term  "Reborn Doll", I was like......what in the world is a reborn doll? Maybe you too are asking that same question right this minute. I began researching, and discovered I was amazed at the reborn dolls I was seeing on ebay and elsewhere.  These dolls are took and repainted to look very much like real newborn babies.  Not only that , they have soft baby fine  hair thats rooted right into their heads , as well. Some are even made to have breathing mechanisms, that make them appear as if they are really breathing.  Some people find these dolls creepy, but not me. However, while researching I have seen some made very creepy indeed. I can't imagine why someone would want a sweet baby doll with horns and sharp teeth, now thats creepy!

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These sweet babies are not ! You can go here to learn more about reborning dolls.

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The price on these completed dolls range from 100 to in the thousands.  Can you imagine?  Well no way will my budget afford one, and even the kits to create a reborn yourself is fairly expensive.  So me, Simply Shelley...the good queen of make do came up with an idea to make one myself in " make do style " :)

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A reborn baby doll kit. Found on google.

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I found a baby doll at the thrift store that has been loved very much, lets just say!  I disassembled her, wash the head, arms and legs, purchased some cheap craft paint and after watching tutorials on you tube, set out to paint my baby. Next , I will be resewing a new body for her and going on from there. I have took a few pictures to show the work as I go along, and then we will have my reborn baby reveal  as soon as I am done with her.  Please, don't expect to see what you see in the pictures here. Remember my baby will be a very cheaply "make do" reborn doll ;)

See you all soon.....have a fun weekend,  Shelley


Scrappy quilter said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Deb said...

So sweet. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelley! I think your new baby will be wonderful! I'm looking forward to seeing her.!

I hope you remember me. I lost access to my old blogs due to Blogger & Yahoo issues. So started a new one on WordPress. I hope you will visit me there.