Oct 26, 2014

Have a Wonderful Week Friends

I pray your Sunday has been beautiful.  Mine certainly was, with Pastor's Appreciation day being today, then with fun, food and fellowship after this mornings service, made it a very blessed day indeed. We also witnessed a young couple in our church home whom have had a very ruff past five years renew their wedding vows before God and thier church family.  Of course, I was thrilled to have all my children and all but, two of my grandchildren in church with me today......that always does my heart a world of good, even little Audrey was there with us. She is getting sweet as a butterball, smiling and trying her best to talk at just a little under one month old. This meme wants to say ....slow down just a wee bit little one.

So what are you plans for the week. Since I'm feeling some better than last week, I've planned to go stay with my parents a few days. They'll be picking me up on Tuesday.  It'll be fun to be away for a bit, and spending time with mama and daddy is always a treat. For those of you who do your wash on Monday, heres a sweet image with a good word of advice.  Monday was always wash day for me, once upon a time. Now days my daughter does most of my laundry.  What a blessing, but I do miss hanging out a washing.  It was a pleasant thing for me to do.....on a good day!

This picture below is just a sweet one of my three oldest children when they were small. I found it in a box of old photos and just had to take it out for awhile.  I sure miss those little ones, but I'm proud of the grownups they've become.

Just a random picture of my favorite baby doll, Bethy

I hope your whole week is wonderful.  Go out and kick up some leaves......have some fun, you all deserve it so much. Blessings friends.


Denise said...

Seems like the Lord has given You many blessings today Shelley :) What a beautiful plan He had for Your life.Babies of Today and Yesterday ! Fills Our life with JOY. Thank You Lord

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

So happy you had such a lovely day.. Baby Aubrey is beautiful..[oh ,isnt it sad, how fast they grow up? ha]
Enjoy your visit with your parents..

annie said...

You look so beautiful and happy with the little one, how precious she is!
The others do grow up way too fast!
Hope you have a wonderful visit.
I still hang my wash out all the time, except for the winter, hugs, dear lady!

Mary said...

Hello, I'm visiting from Granny's Square. I enjoyed sure enjoyed your blog. I live in a small Texas town too. Stop by my place when you can! http://www.visitswithmary.blogspot.com

Deb said...

What a lovely, positive post. Being in church with family is always a blessing. That baby is darling. You have a great week too!

Anonymous said...

blessings shelley...