Apr 7, 2008

~Be a Salt Shaker and Happy Birthday's....~

~Be ye Salt Shakers~

Hello,how's everyone? I pray you had a blessed Lord's day. We went to church ,came home had lunch,and took a long afternoon nap before returning for the p.m. service. We had a special speaker in both services and a drama presentation about the Prodigal son that was wonderful. The guest preacher preached on us as Christians being the salt of the earth. We should live our lives spreading flavor,enhancing lives and preserving moral values. He passed out everyone a small package of salt,as little visual reminders of our Christian duty to the world,and to the lost.

I enjoyed both services very much and plan to do my best at being a better ...salt shaker......after all we as Christians are the salt of the earth.(Matthew 5:13).......


~To my Daddy(today)and my dear daughter(Regina)tomorrow~

~My Dad, seriously into watching one of his favorite Westerns~Tombstone, He's an old Cowboy, and Gold miner ,at heart....

Today,is my Dear Daddy's birthday(78 yrs.)....Happy Birthday ,Daddy....I love you very much. My eldest daughter,Regina's(SIMPLE IS SIMPLE DOES)birthday is tomorrow,April 8 th. When she was small we celebrated hers and my Dad's birthday together a lot. I was so young(15 yrs.) when I gave birth to Regina,she was like having a tiny real life baby doll. She only weighed 4 lbs. 8 ounces when I brought her home from the hospital and I was so immature about how to care for a newborn. I was very afraid for anyone to breath on her,much less touch her. I put her in the bedroom and barricaded the door. She was in the hospital close to a month before I could bring her home because she was premature and also had to have surgery for a collapsed lung the day of her birth.

I learned very quick how to be a very good Mommy and she did fine and grew fat and healthy.

So.... Happy Birthday to you to my dear daughter....you have been one of the biggest blessings in my life....I love you with all my heart.

Why not go over to Regina's blog and wish her a Happy Birthday?

Thank you all for stopping by to see me......God bless and have a wonderful week, Shelley

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