Apr 24, 2008

~Simply Living~

This is a repost ....its one of those 25 I decided to keep and share again. I have a few new followers and wanted to share it with them...If you are like me,those who have read it before probably have forgotten it anyway...smile. I have updated it at the close as well.

I have pretty much always had to live a simple life,some by choice,and much by chance. My husband and I neither one got the education we should have,which has always been a hindrance to finding a good means of income. I married at 15 yrs old and have pretty much been a stay at home Mom and home keeper for most of my married life (almost 34 yrs. now). Our family lived in the country for the most part and only had the one vehicle so I was home a lot with out transportation.We had no phone for many years. I have worked some when I needed to help out with income and once when we moved to the big city I taught pre-k in a Christian Academy so my three children could attend,and my pay was their tuition.

~Some simple decorating in the bath, all second hand items,bought at a great price.....~

Now days ,I am not able to work due to health reasons and my husband has a very modest income ,which we live off of. We live in an older mobile home which we have repaired over and over through the years,but the good part is,it is payed for and there isn't a monthly house payment, which would almost be impossible for us to pay. Our land is also payed for and there is close to five acres. Our daughter,Regina and her family live on about two of it. I have always loved shopping secondhand at thrift stores ,garage sales,etc. and have been blessed to find wonderful things for our home and family at a very reasonable price.. We don't buy a lot of clothes(I do shop for my son at the beginning of each school year) and try and take good care of what we have to get much use from them. Most of our clothes are bought second hand as well and the Lord has blessed in every way to supply our needs. I always try and make do with what we have and only buy brand new when it is absolutely necessary. We try to grow a few vegetables and so forth in the spring and summer months but the bulk of our groceries are bought from the grocery store. I look for the best buys and try and get the most for our means. When I can I will shop clearance if it is something that we can use are will be needing in the future. I recently purchase all six of our grand children their Easter gifts and baskets for 90% off. Got them all for under $5.00. So,now all I will need to do,come next Easter is get them out of storage and fill them with chocolate bunnies, etc. ...There are many things we don't have due to the fact that we just can't afford them and some things we don't have because we just don't think we really need them. We don't have satellite T.V. and watch regular T.V. channels are D.V.D movies. There are many things I would like to change about our way of living to create a even more simplified way of life for our family,but because of lack of funds are physical ability's we are unable to.

 As most of you know I am a Christian and give credit and honor to my Lord for always making the way when their seemed to be none. He has always supplied the need from the very simplest to the most important and some times when I felt all hope was gone, he was right on time. I don't know that I will ever be rich in monetary ways ,but in simple and good ways I have always been blessed beyond all measure. And to my Lord for that,I am ever grateful.....

~Some things I enjoy doing to pass time.~

~ I love to read, look at decorating magazines,such as Country Home, Country living,etc. crochet, listen to good christain music, move things around in my home,decorate in the country primitive style.~Spend time with my family and friends. Sit on our porch and enjoy God's beautiful creation. Love to watch the birds,and of course visit with you, my wonderful blogging friends.


Some things I do to try and stretch our dollar.....

Wash clothes in cold water to save on propane gas....
Buy our meats in a bulk purchase and save close to any where from five to ten dollars...
Buy milk, meats, fruits and vegetables that have been marked down for quick sale,I use them right away or freeze them for later...
Eat at home as much as possible,without going out to eat.Try and make it a special treat when do get to go.
Shop second hand at thrift shops and garage sales for household needs, clothing ,etc.
Try and cut back on water and electric usage,as much as possible.
Try and make as less trips in to town as possible due to high fuel prices.

~A crochet project I am working on, an afghan.....it's much bigger now...~

Some things I desire to learn to simplify my life further...

Sew for myself and family
Knit, I am trying to teach myself. I can do some simple crochet...
Make homemade soap..and cleaning supplies..I do use vinegar for cleaning windows,glass,etc.
Raise our own chickens for laying yard eggs... we have raise them in the past,but the coyotes got them,which was very discouraging. I had a little hen with 17 chicks.
All eat'en by "ole Mr. Coyote!

Since this is a repost from a few years back...I wanted to update...my son is out of school and moved on....I think you all know I am living alone now without my husband. I have been making my own laundry soap now for close to a year. It has save me much money and I love how it cleans so well....I will not go back to ready made soap. My neighbor daughter has laying hens so there are fresh yard eggs for all of us. The crochet project you see in the basket turned out to be my dogs. Duke claimed it and still sleep with it every night. I cover him up and tuck him in. Yes,I am here by myself most of the time..so,Duke has gotten very spoiled(that caregiver in me) .....SMILE.

See....added picture.

Thanks for stopping by...and God bless you all, Shelley

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