Aug 20, 2008

~Good Morals and Gentle Manners~


~I wanted to share this wonderful book with you that I found at an estate sale on Saturday last. Good Morals and Gentle Manners ..for schools and families. It is the original 1873 copy and still in fair condition. It is loaded with Biblical Scriptures and I have so enjoyed reading it. If all people could live by such a rule as this endearing book,our world would be such a more peaceful place in which to live. To think this text was once used in schools to guide young people into a Godly and moral way of living to benefit all of society. When God became no longer welcomed into our public schools,it was a sad day indeed for our country and for our young people as well as all of society .~


Author - ALEX. M. GOW, A.M.
Publisher - American Book Company, New York, Cincinnati and Chicago
Publication Date - 1901 (Original copyright 1873)
Chapters Include - Good Society; Habits; The Moral Las; Duties to God; Duties to Man; Homicide; Hatred; Courage; Chastity; Veracity; Temperance; Covetousness; Filial Obedience; Business; Fidelity; The Poor; Humanity; Wisdom; Patriotism; Cleanliness; Dress; The Cultivated Voice; Behavior on the Street; Gallantry; and Behavior at the Table, among others.

Have a wonderfully blessed day.....Shelley

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