Oct 2, 2008

~Children and their play time~Change in play,change in Kids.

I read a article here http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=19212514 that I wanted to share with you because I believe it so much. Our children of today are so different in the way they play,than children of the past. Even my grown children ,who are in their 20's and 30's,played so differently than children of today.
Of course,they grew up in the 80's and 90's,and there were many tek toys available such as video games ,etc. to entertain children.
However,we were not able to afford such luxuries for our children so,they entertained themselves,the old fashion way. Like playing out doors for hours. Building forts and playhouses,catching tadpoles out of the creek,making box turtles out of pets.
Then there was this one thing I didn't know about until some time later, climbing the tall skinny pine trees and riding them up and down while the trees swayed from the weight of my children. It's a wonder they didn't send themselves flying through the woods. Does sound like a lot of fun though! Smile........
My girls played dolls and had tea parties. Their brother had lots of little hot wheels and they would all have a ball making roads in the dirt. Not to mention all the cats and dogs that made them great playmates through the years. I dare say but,my dear grandchildren have only a portion of the imaginative play time that their parents had,and when they do play in an imaginary way, they have been so corrupted from video games,movies and the like that it makes for some concern as to just what they are imagining during their play time.

I think children are growing up so fast these days and their childhoods are getting shorter and shorter. Way to soon do little girls grow out of their baby dolls and move on to other more grown up things. The boys too don't spend near enough time riding their bikes,flying kites and fishing in the nearest creek.

I would like to encourage parents of small children today to cut back on how much time your children are spending in front of the T.V.,computer,watching movies and the endless video games. Get them outdoors and get them busy using their minds to invent an imaginative play time.
I am proud of my DD Kathryne,and her DH,Justin for choosing to have the play house build for Jalyn and Kalyn.It will provide for some great imaginative play time for them. May helped to improve their coping skills ,which will be worth all the time,money and effort....
Thanks so much for your visit....
Blessings, Shelley

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