Oct 7, 2008

~Life's steady rhythm~


It's wonderful to have a steady rhythm to your life. Everyday having a purpose of getting up,going about your daily routine. Kids to school ,husband to work, and you left to mind the home,and tend the necessities. Washing clothes ,floors,and dishes,preparing meals,making your dwelling a home loved ones love,to come home to....but.............

What happens when things get out of gear? When the rhythm is no longer?
Then what? This has happened so often in my 33 yrs. of being a wife and mother. Life seems to be going along so wonderfully and then ...BANG....out of no where , IT happens!!!!!!

How to you handle the sudden ,unwanted stresses of life? Big or little,they certainly disrupt your nest....This was such the case this past week,and has seem to carry over into this week....

My best solution is,and has always been,to take the problem to God,and then do my best to continue to operate as normal as possible.
Yesterday, I did a lot of my normal daily things here at home and tried my best to.. NOT... let.... IT... flood my mind with worry and concern,which isn't God's will for me!
Regina, my daughter doesn't have transportation at this time so I carried her to a doctors appointment in the afternoon and while she was in the clinic,I visited the little library that I love so. I was so relaxed sitting in the corner I always go to and looking through some wonderful decorating books and new holiday books. Including the new books out by Matthew Mead.
This little library has always been a place for me to go to,and enjoy a feeling of peace and comfort. It felt good to relax and let go of a little of that unwanted stress....

In the late afternoon I went out into the yard and picked some baby pine cones off the big pine tree that is still lying in our yard ,left over as a reminder of the recent hurricane we had,IKE! It's beginning to die now and turning brown. Guess,some one may soon decide there's a need to cut it up and discard it.....

I have always told my kids when they are feeling overwhelmed and stressed to start counting their blessings and see what is wonderful about their life's. I do this same thing,and I always feel better. THINGS will happen,that's certain,and as long as we travel this road of life ,there will be highs and lows,,,ups and downs...but,come what may,I have made up my mind that I am in this for the long haul.

Satan ,I am giving you notice....you will not defeat me...for Greater is he,that is within me,than he that is within this world...... 1 John 4:4

God's will be done.........................


And we know that all THINGS work together for good to them that love God,to them who are the called according to HIS purpose.

Bless you,Shelley

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