Nov 17, 2011

See what I made................

Among my housekeeping yesterday....I took a while to do a little crafty projects....I made these primitive feather like trees for our bazaar. Thought I would share them with you all......hopefully they will sell. All the proceeds from the bazaar will go into our WM funds. I also have a stack of crocheted dishcloths to sell.....I didn't get near the projects done I had in mind to do. I have this problem about crafting....I feel like I need to have the house in order and everything just before I can sit down and start crafting...Well,by the time I am done with all of that...I have no energy left to craft. Yesterday I just stopped what I was doing and went to crafting and did I make a mess....Spanish Moss...I love using it but,it is messy! Regina and I and a couple of other ladies from the church decorated our fellowship hall last night after bible study. We were there until really late and then when I got home I guess I was too wired to sleep....I might have gotten three hours of sleep last night. So,I am sure  there is a nap in store for

This is my favorite...see the baby bird nesting in the can?


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