Jan 20, 2012

Lead by the Holy Spirit......

I awoke at 3:00 a.m. this morning,again! I was awake for an hour and a half praying,singing,writing in my prayer journal and reading God's word. This is something that is quite constant in my life....I spend most of my prayer time and bible reading in the wee hours of the night......my bedroom is my Prayer Closet..if you will. It is where I truly get alone with God.....I have experienced some very spiritual times alone...just me and my Heavenly Father. In the past I have shared some of those times and the awesomeness of how God moved ,just to be looked down upon,even by some who profess to be spiritually minded, told that God doesn't work in such ways....Who is to say how are how not God chooses to work in an individuals prayer life. So,now I choose to keep some of his ways locked in my heart....Ever so careful what I share and with whom I share. If God chooses to lift my spirit from my body and take me to heaven and back.....Not,that he has done such but,if he chose to....HE COULD....and I would be all the more blessed for it. But,I think I should keep it to myself...Some would believe and understand...others would think me crazy or unbalanced.
I am very much in tuned with God's Holy Spirit......I can feel him guiding me,directing me,warning me in every area of my life....He teaches me as I read the word...he enlightens me to the understanding,the truth. He gives me gifts to use and boldness to speak when he says speak and not to speak when he says ...Keep quite!
My greatest desire is that my mind and the mind of Christ become one. That I conquer my will and the lust of my flesh and became like Christ. That I decease and Christ increase in me. My body is his temple.....I desire to live a life worthy of that fact and show forth his glory. His will...not mine be done......Amen

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