Feb 14, 2012


Flowers from my son Thomas
I had a very nice Valentines Day. I did not leave the house at all. Got some sweet gifts,phone calls and a visit from a friend.
Gift from my sweet friend Betty.

Some treats I fixed for the grands.

The happiness and health of my dear ones is the best Valentine gift I could have and I have my Heavenly Father to thank for that. His love is never ending and unchanging...through all our trials and troubles he keeps us together bound by heart strings..tied one to another. Thank You dear Lord for loving us all...first!

Son Thomas,his Vivian and Granny
My Kathryne Rose
Regina and I
Mama and daddy

Grandbabies,that are growing up too fast.

My Youngest child... J.W.
He is leaving on March 5th for Basic Training,U.S. Marines.

I hope your Valentines Day was one made to go down in your book of memories as a day you felt overwhelming love from  all those you hold near and dear. Blessings


Marydon said...

Shelley, your kid-lings are beautiful. Your gr-son is just so handsome ... please tell him we will keep him in prayer &TY for serving.

Happy Valentine's

Jacqueline said...

I have had a good dose of Shelley this morning. Very good medicine for the soul. Via pictures and three letters and gifts, I'm over the top content and ready to take on the day.

I'm doing window displays at work today, down with Valentines up with spring. I talked the owner into buying fake grass and for the other window, bricks!

My computer keeps saying error when I download pictures from my camera and yesterday two candles cracked their glass when I was burning them, however, when we draw closer and closer to God, I notice the enemy gets nervous. Sticks and stones and glass can't break my bones and computers will not hurt me!

Smiling! Happy for friendship and all the love spread through the world yesterday.

annie said...

So gladf you had a great Valentine's Day. You have a beautiful family, such lovely smiles!

janice15 said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. They were refreshing and warming to me. My heart is torn with missing my young daughter I know the Father above will see me through. My problem is extended more because I have panic attacks. Some days I can stay home alone and others I can not. Thank goodness for Mom who is not far away from me. Your children are indeed lovely again thank you have a very blessed day my dear..with love Janice

Kathy said...

The picture on your blog header with the sweet baby on your shoulder is lovely.
Glad your day was filled with love!

marie said...

You are gifted Shelley and so are those lucky enough to know you! Thank you so much for the sweet package you sent me. It was waiting in my mailbox when I got home from a week away...what a lovely treat. I'll write to you about it again soon...I picked up some nasty germs and just don't feel much like sitting at the computer these days. But I did want to let you know it arrived. Hugs to you!!