Apr 19, 2013

Out and About............

Well, grandson Jaxon and I are heading off to a garage sale a friend is having today. She likes all the same things as I do.....I am going be really good and not get too many things. Heidi is so sweet...she has some gifts for me,can't wait to see what they are...no matter what, I am sure to love them :)
Hope your day is wonderful whatever it is you will be doing....the weather is chilly here again...so much better than the hot and sticky we have had this past week.


Sew Blessed Maw said...

Have fun!!! Look forward to seeing what you find.

Jacqueline said...

Yes! Joy it is. What a lovely thought for a Saturday! Have fun at the garage sale. I'm finishing my letter to my friend Shelley today...tee hee. She is this wonderful pen-pal turned best friend from long ago, my Texas girl!

I was reading back in your post about your binder. That is such a wonderful idea. I started one years ago too but rarely do I keep it up. It would be a nice fun project as I too, weed out all the weeds in life and go back to more simplicity in my life.

Did I give you that book? I have read it at least three times and it is one of my very favorite of all. That and The Doll People. It's Kara's favorite book too.

Raining here, all day long but I'm thankful for the day off! Going to breakfast with a friend and then spending later today with Len.